Honda Odyssey Interior Air Filter Installation Procedures


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The Honda Odyssey minivan is equipped with an inside air filter. This filter captures mud and pollen, retaining it from coming into your air conditioning vents. Interior air filters are also known as cabin air filters, passenger air filters and air con filters. Honda recommends altering your cabin air filter each 15,000 miles. It also recommends having your supplier replace the filter; however, you possibly can exchange it yourself in 5 to 10 minutes.
1. Turn your engine off and open your glove box. Remove any loose objects from the compartment.
2. Pry off the damper (plastic piece on the compartment’s left aspect) with a flat-head screwdriver.
3. Firmly push the clips (one on each side) on the surface of the compartment, until they fall into the glove box compartment. With the clips removed, the glove box door will lower completely.
4. Push within the two clips on the air filter panel (behind the glove box door, labeled “air movement”). Take away the panel and filter (they’re connected).
5. Insert the new inside air filter with the arrows going through down. Push the filter in until it snaps in place.
6. Increase the glove box door. Align the clip holes with the glove field stopper. Insert the 2 clips you eliminated to secure the door. Change the plastic damper.

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I just got a goped recently and I am not to sure on some of the things that I have on the goped. But I am learning ^^. How often should I change the air filter on my goped? And is there anything else that I have to change regularly on my goped? (Anything to do with the motor?) Thanks a lot!

Our airconditioner has been leaking and leaving huge puddles of water on the floor from a hose attached to the back of it. The hose leads to a plastic drain pipe in the wall but its too high up and i THINK the water that is collected in this hose backs up and spills al over the floor. We just bought a BRAND NEW water heater and i dont want it rusting out but it will if i dont fix the air conditioner or set the water heater on bricks. Anyone know why its leaking and a inexpensive way to fix this? The hose is not clogged up either. I was wondering if a replacement air conditioning/heater (its combined) will cost us around 6,000 or more? Or will it be easier to fix whatevers wrong? ANY suggestions on what to look for in the back of of it or inside of it that can possibly be the cause to the air conditioning leaking and flooding the little room out. The heater works great. The air works too it just leaks when we run it.

I have a Lennox down draft furnace. After adding a room and a couple ducts,my furnace filter collapses during use. It is not overly dirty. I am using a standard 1 inch filter. Not the mohair,but the reinforced paper. The filter has support on three sides. Is too much air now moving? There is also a small additional cold air duct installed directly above the filter. Would installing a 2 inch filter work better? Any help would be great. Thank you.

Does anyone know what the cost of installation of air conditioning in 3 bedrooms is likely to be ? No ‘clever ‘answers please to obtain points. Don’t bother to…open the windows…I live on a busy trunk road and that is not possible.

I have central air. I turned my heater on for the first time yesterday and it seemed to work just fine. I felt the air coming from the vents and it is warm. The temperature reached the set temp on the thermostat. The problem is that my air conditioning unit also comes on. I don’t think this is normal. Can someone please tell me why this is happening? Thanks.

The recent problem seems to be related to the outdoor cooling fan. The air conditioning system seems to be working properly, but there is a loss of cooling of the air coming from the indoor air conditioning vents. I inspected the outside unit, and yesterday the cooling fan was stopped with a humming/grinding sound. The capacitor looked good (no bulging), but I’m not an electrician and I have no way (or the knowledge) to test voltages and amperages and such. Anyway, I blew on some dust/dirt/cobwebs around some of the wires, and started the system back on and the fan moved at normal speed and the system worked and cooler air came out.

However, today, the indoor temperature wasn’t maintained and I went outside and the cooling fan was running much slower (but it was running). After I turned off the system, I felt the metal cover of the outside unit, and it was very hot, and it seemed that the source of the heat came from directly above the cooling fan motor.

Please contact me!

This is really about when I turn on the heat. Whenever it starts to get cold, and I go from air conditioning to heat, I start to get sick. I’ve changed the filters, and I still feel like there is dust coming through the vent. Any good quick fixes?

What would help a car not burn so much gas when running the air conditioning? In other words, if the gas consumption is awful with a (let’s just say) 307 c.i.d. engine will it “NOT” be so bad with a 350 crate motor (tuned for a nice output of horsepower) or a restored Cadillac 500 c.i.d. engine?
What are the variable specifics on whether or not an a/c compressor (or system for that matter) will take a considerable toll on a car fuel tank and mileage?
I just figure it was some kind science to the whole thing.

The central air conditioning in my apartment is getting repaired and won’t be working for 4 or 5 days.
I want to improvise something. Maybe taking a fan and pointing it a a bag of ice. Heck.. I don’t know… Any tips ?

It seems to vibrate for a minute or so off and on, but only when the air conditioning is on?
Do you know how much it would cost to fix?

My 1998 Dakota air conditioning works great for 15 minutes and then stops. The clutch is not engaged. The pressure and fluid is okay. If I turn it off for 5 minutes it will work for another 15 minutes. Is there some pressure switch that is not working?

Many companies will instruct employees to turn off air conditioning in the event of a fire alarm.
Could someone explain why this is?

I was planning to bring my parakeet to a pet place to get his wings clipped. It is supposed to be 89-92 today in New York. Is my parakeet going to be overheated? If so, can he travel in air conditioning?

I have a gas generator and I want it hooked up to the house so we can have heat and air conditioning and electricity.

We have been having terrible problems with our central air conditioning unit. Our house is about 8 years old and we have a zone system (separate heating and cooling thermostats for upstairs and downstairs). For the past 2 years the unit is not cooling the house properly (heating works fine). We had the dampers replaced 2 years ago and I know the dampers are fine. We have had several repair technicians look at the unit. They always recharge the unit with more Freon (3 times in 1 summer) after claiming to fix a leak. This past weekend again a repair person claimed that we had an internal leak in the unit. He said that he had plugged the leak and then he charged the unit with Freon. Not only did this not work (our house continued to get hotter from 73F to 85F while AC was running all day) the pipe coming from the unit outside our house was all frozen over with ice (all the way to where the insulation started).
Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Thank you.

My central air conditioning unit in the basement is leaking water, is there a way I can fix it without calling for service?

I have an irresponsible roommate who leaves the air conditioning in our house running when no one is home AND leaves the windows open. She has done this twice and talking to her about it seems to do no good- I am fed up. My other roommate and I don’t even want the air on since it is a large expense. We live in a coastal city and there is really no need to use it. We split the electric bill 3 ways so she is inconsiderately costing us money! Does anyone know if I can easily make it so the air stops working or “breaks”, but in a way that I can easily repair when it’s time to move?

My heat works and my air conditioning does not. Would anyone know why. Do these units need freon to work? Thanks for your time.
Oh, wanted to ask also. Is there a switch or something that I might have to switch on / off?

i am looking at Ohio university’s dorms on website. it says for a cretin hall
“First and second floor rooms with two forms of egress have air conditioning
Third and fourth floor rooms have air conditioning”

what is the difference between the 1,2 floors and the 3,4 floors? which one is better to choose egress or no egress? what does that mean?

We have recently started hearing noises through our air conditioning ducts that sounds like someone is popping popcorn in them. House is in Adelaide, south Australia. Any ideas?

The air conditioning in our house went out over night & last time it happened (about a month ago) we changed the filter & it worked again just fine. So, we changed the air filter agian, but this time no luck.
it’s not sucking in air where the filters go, any suggustions — besides calling someone over to repair?

Landlord claims that I broke the air conditioning unit because i didn’t replace the filters properly. It was a 30 year old unit and it was just this once that i did not change it. They said one time is all it takes? Is that true?
PS. The motor did not go out. They are claiming that the access moisture caused the units parts to rust inside and now they all broke. it blows air, just warm because it is leaking the frion out.

I just moved into a new home but the air conditioning unit is old and needs to be serviced really bad. Can somebody point me in the right direction please?

Air conditioning costs more but what exactly is the difference between the two systems? Is air recirculation effective at cooling or heating the vehicle interior on hot or cold days?

I bought this car about four months ago, and the air conditioning has been broken since day one. I bought some stuff to recharge and hopefully fix this problem, but I can’t figure out where to hook it up.

So I’m thinking about enrolling in my local community college and trying to get certified in refrigeration and air conditioning. I know absolutely nothing about either subject and was just wondering if there is anything I can do to prepare, or should I just forget about it?

What is the difference between traditional air conditioning and evaporative cooling units?

how did people stay cool before air conditioning is invented? For example when people colonized Southern US, how do they stay cool during the hot summer?

I don’t need working air conditioning or heating in my car. I just don’t need them. I’m looking for a reliable small car (preferably a Scion xB) without a working temperature system. I assume there would be a significant discount on such a car, but so far I haven’t been able to find many good cars for sale without air conditioning. Where should I look? Thanks.

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