Honda GL1800 Goldwing EZ-Steer Installation


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The 1800 EZ-Steer requires installation of a brand new, tapered lower curler bearing and seal on the shaft of the lower clamp assembly. This bearing configuration is just like the one provided with the GL1500 triple tree assembly from the manufacturing facility with a new motorcycle. It is essential so that you can substitute the stock higher bearing and race with the brand new one equipped in this kit. This new bearing will help you add some pre-load to the brand new EZ-Steer assembly and, if accomplished correctly, may have a light dampening effect on the steering. Torque the steering head bearings to 30 ft-lbs using the particular Honda tool.

Honda GL1800 Goldwing EZ-Steer Installation Procedures

EZ-Steer1. Use the Parts Guidelines included along with your hardware to verify the contents of the box.
2. Remove the entrance wheel, forks and triple clamps as proven in the Honda Store Manual.
3. Take away the fork tube caps and set up the brand new 1-inch extensions using the brand new “O” rings provided in your EZ-Steer kit.
4. Set up the new Triple Clamps. Keep in mind to grease the new upper and decrease steering bearings. The signal-cancel machine underneath the lower triple clamp does not require particular re-mounting hardware.
5. Set up the forks into the brand new Triple Clamps. Test the steering lock action by turning the forks fully in each directions.
6. Reinstall the fender and wheel assembly. Ensure the brake hoses are routed to permit full journey of the forks.

EZ-Steer Maintenance
The bearings in your EZ-Steer rake package are regular wear items, not topic to replacement beneath Champion’s one year Limited Warranty for the product. Failure to comply EZ-Steer with your bike manufacturer’s recommendations for periodic OEM triple-tree maintenance will speed up the damage on these bearings. Checking/adjustment of the steering stem nut torque, with the front end lifted, in accordance together with your bike manufacturer’s suggestions, is key to dependable bearing service.

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have no idea if i’ll ever do it or not, but on the average bike, does one have to reduce the rake with custom triple trees before adding on a sidecar so you can still steer well? i’ve read many yes’s and many no’s in lots of places on the web, and don’t have a clue
was thinking an old triumph bonny or royal might be a cool project to start and put a sidecar on it
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I have a 2002 Harley sportster 883 and I want to get a new bottom triple clamp so I can put a different headlamp on it. What does it mean when it says it’s a 39mm or a 41mm clamp? What part is that talking about?

I have searched “understanding motorcycles” and “how motorcycles work” but found nothing useful.
For example, I want to learn about the components that make up the steering of a motorcycle.
I searched high and low for diagrams or explanations of what a “triple tree” is, but found nothing good.

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I have a 1989 Softail and the stock rake is 0 degrees. I want to add 5 degree raked trees but at the same time keep the bike at its current height. How do I figure out where a 5 degree rake will put the forks so that I can determine the proper length fork tubes? Is there a formula that I need to use? Thanks.

There’s also a cat in the tree.

I am not sure if it is bent it just looks a little bent I could be crazy but..I was in a accident a few weeks back and rear ended a car at about 20-25 mph..The triple tree broke above the neck but I cant see any visible damage like dents,brakes in welds or cracks..Can anyone help me?????Thanks,Mike
It is a rigid chopper frame it is older tube steel well pretty much a 75 iron head chopper

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I’m painting the triple tree on my bike to plack. After its cleaned and scuffed up with a peice of 80 grit. Does the primer get sanded again before the base coat goes on? Does the black get wet sanded before the clear coat goes on? Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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I want the local motorcycle shop to break down the front end of my harley. send most out to powdercoat. this means delacing the front wheel and relacing and then puting the front end back together. i am getting the bars, triple trees, forks and rim(outer ring) powder coated
how many total hours of labor to break down the bike and the rim also, then reassemble.

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