Honda CR500R Hi Power Digital Ignition and Light Coil Installation


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Honda CR500R and Honda CR500AF Hi Power Digital Ignition and Light Coil Installation Procedure :

1. Place the motorbike on a safe stand.flywheel
2. Take away the gas tank and radiator shrouds. three
3. Take away the entrance number plate if cdi unit is positioned behind number plate.
4. Take away cdi Ground from coil.
5. Take away Old cdi.
6. Remove ignition cover.
7. Use an electrical, pneumatic impression to remove flywheel nut.
8. Use flywheel puller to remove flywheel. Thread the flywheel puller into the flywheel by turning the puller counter clockwise (left hand thread). Turn flywheel puller middle nut clockwise with an impact set to low to remove flywheel.
9. Remove 2 bolts that secure the stator.
10. Take away stator.
11. Set up new stator by aligning the index mark on the decrease stator plate with the index mark on the left crankcase.
12. Set up and tighten stator bolts to 9 ft-lbs. (1.2 kg-m).
13. Install new flywheel and tighten flywheel nut to 40ft-lb (5.5 kg-m).
14. The pulser gap is preset to .012″. When you have trouble starting you bike after installation verify the gap between the pulser and the ignition set off on the flywheel is .012″. Use a very good/no good approach when checking and adjusting the gap. The biggest feeler that will match with out forcing the feeler into the gap is the present gap.
15. If the pulser hole must be adjusted loosen the pulser mounting bolts adjust the pulser up or down as needed.
16. Route and tie the wiring in the same location areas because the eliminated wiring. Insure that the
wiring is securely mounted and doesn’t rub, chafe, pinch or pull.
17. Reassemble motorcycle.

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sorry i know its probably a dumb question but i have just started my learning experience on motorcycles. do i have to have a working cdi box for a motorcycle to run?

I want to find out what will add to my trx 450 if I install cdi box? I was wondering what’s the best cdi brand with the most horsepower and speed. Also I was wondering what’s the best exhaust pipe on my quad. Ow almost forgot I got 2007 trx450r. Thanks

I own a 1990 yz250 and need to test the ignition coil and the cdi unit.

Is it possible to test these two componants with a multie-tester ?

I was wondering if anyone could find me a CDI Box for my 1987 Honda CR80R. I cant seem to find one online and was wondering if someone could help me find one. Any websites or links would be great! Does anyone think any junkyards would have them in northern illinois?

This guy on craigslist said the only thing wrong with the moped is that it needs a cdi ignition box. How much are they? Is it hard to install or do i need to go to a mechanic?

i have a 50 cc moped, new tt exhaust system, restrictors removed, carb up jetted, new rollers, what would adding a new cdi unit with no rev limiter do for performance?

I have a 100cc two stroke quad bike and i was wondering that if i fitted a racing cdi unit if it would make a difference performance wise?

I have an e300 99 td and am considering buying a 06-07 cdi but have had a lot of things going wrong with the e300, hoping it was just my car and not going to happen with the newer cdi. e300 has had just about everything go wrong on it.

I’m looking to import a fairly new mercedes with a CDI engine but live in a country where we do not have diesel 2 (low sulfur diesel). Mercedes here does not even sell diesels here at all as we only have diesel 1.

What would happen if I ran the car with diesel 1 (old diesel)? Is there any way to modify the engine to run on diesel 1?

I’m considering buying a car, and after doing some research I found a used Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI Avantgarde 2006 for a reasonable price. What do you think of the car ?

I bought this freedom bike in 2004. Chassis No: C7KL383996 & Engine No: E55KL368181. JET BLACK.. Now I am in a real trouble finding parts for this. My CDI unit has gone out. Now the agent in Sri Lanka is no more there. How can I buy this via online??? Pls help me.

Why are companies still selling out of these HP CDI if they aren’t worth buying?

ok, i have a few dreamcast emulators (chankast, nulldc, demul) and i am able to play the cdi’s on them, but they play choppily, slow (sometimes fast), and the audio is all screwed up. the same happens on each emulator. is it the cdi’s, or do i have to change some settings? how can i make the games function normally? big thanks to anyone who can help!!

This guy is selling a 1992 Suzuki GS 500 E. The ad says that it needs a new CDI Unit. What is it and is it costly?

Where is the flasher unit for the indicators on a Mercedes Sprinter 311 cdi?

What’s the best iso maker for cdi? One that can make even a copy protected cdi into a iso, or do you know a way to make a copy protected cdi not copy protected, so i can make it into a iso

im wanting to download a cdi emulator and some cdi games on my laptop ( uses windows vista ) please if you know of any websites please post them here for both the emulator and the games, only free sites please thanks !

I want to know how to reset the service light on my Mercedes. It is a Mercedes C220 CDI, T reg, 99 model. Any help will be appreciated.

My bro has installed a engine kill switch, which actually when pull (switch ON) the switch the bike wont start. I have separate CDI and Ignition coil. The connection is being done by short circuiting the two primary terminals of a ignition coil. This actually short circuit the capacitors of a CDI. Dont u think it will damage it? when sometimes i forgot to switch it off and kicked two three times??

I need a peformance CDI box for my kymco super 9 air cooled any one know where I would find one?
Thanks for the help but supprisingly ive allready bought this and it only works on the liquid cooled scooters. Any other ideas?

I have a honda three wheeler that cuts out at high idle. The shop said to check the CDI box, Ignition Coil, and Stator. How do you check these things? I have an Ohm meter, i just dont know what there sopposed to read or exactely how to check them??

My original CDI get busted last year 2002, replaced with original (2004) and get busted again now only after four years (2008). My bike is only on standby most of those years as I was always working abroad and only warmed up every time I get on vacation.

So I’m looking to replace my CDI unit on my 2008 Sachs SX1 50cc moped, but I don’t know where abouts it is located. I have checked underneath the seat bowl. Where abouts is it located and what racing CDI’s would be compatable? Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

Does CDI stand for Compressed Diesel Injection? What does it do? And if it stands for Compressed diesel injection can i use unleaded fuel or does it have to be diesel fuel?

Any good websites that explain each CDI or ADF in detail?

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