Honda Civic Fenders Replacement


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1. Remove the lug nuts from the entrance wheels and lift the Civic off of the bottom using the jack. Place a jack stand under the entrance body of the Civic at the help factors and decrease the Civic onto the jack stands. Pull the front wheels off of the Civic.
2. Remove the screws and bolts which can be securing the wheel effectively cowl to the frame of the Civic utilizing the the screw driver and the ratchet set. Pull the wheel properly cowl off of the body of the Civic. Locate the bolts inside the wheel effectively cowl which are securing the fender to the body contained in the wheel well.
3. Take away the bolts contained in the wheel nicely which can be securing the fender to the body using the ratchet set. Open the hood of the Civic and take away the bolts that are securing the fender to the frame contained in the engine compartment. Pull the fender off the Honda Civic.
4. Place the brand new fender onto the front side of the Honda Civic. Line up the mounting holes on the new fender with the assist holes on the frame and replace the bolts. Tighten the securing bolts utilizing the ratchet set.
5. Change the wheel nicely cowl to the frame and tighten the screws to secure the quilt to the frame. Change each tires to the Civic and change the lug nuts to the tires. Take away the jack stands with help from the jack and decrease the Civic to the ground. Tighten the lug nuts utilizing the tire iron and shut the hood.

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Alright so heres the deal,

Every time someone test drives this thing we pop the hood and their is smoking coming from somewhere smelling like rubber and the car whines louder Mariah Careys voice, not even kidding.

I bought this car about 3 months ago, the clutch was shot, the rack and pinion was in dire need of replacement, the starter didn’t work and the brake pads were worn down to nothing and the battery was completely dead. Also, the front bumper and the fenders are very loose and missing screws and it rubs against the two front tires, also this car was already extremely lowered with bad tires, (Came with 18″s) but I did have $200 each for 18″ tires + rims so I bought 16″ stocks.

People are telling me it is because the tires are too big and fat for the car because the car is lowered, and I believe the tires are rubbing against the coil overs as well

I already put in $500 into it, so I don’t even know what to do :/

Any car experts have any ideas?

Hi, I have been given following quote for body work for my 1998 Honda Civic DX by a mechanic. The parts we found for replacement are in excellent condition.

1) Replace 3 doors
2) Replace driver side Fender
3) Paint the parts (different color)
4) Fix other small scratches and dents
5) Fix new driver side headlight

- 800 dollars including everything. Is this a good price?
I have given the job to this person and he is turning out to be a really knowledgeable one. He has professionally painted the doors and repaired the fourth one using fillers and sandpaper and other tools. He also got the parts all by himself off a 1999 Civic.

So far so good.. anyone in Syracuse, NY should go to this guy.

i need replacement parts for my car and these look so much similar
ever time a del sol goes to my local pick and pull or junk yard
it gets gutted and only the chasis is left
can anyone help?
the del sol is also knowns as an eg2
and the sides of the car look the same

I have a 89 Honda civic lx. I got into a an accident last night and crushed in a good part of my front end. I’m trying to find replacement parts for it but I don’t know what the metal panel that sits on the front bumper and runs under the headlights going into the front fenders is called. I need to find it cause my hood I ordered will not fit right without it. Any help would be really appreciated.
It also ran under the front of the hood

Got a big dent in my driver side fender. I was wondering if this fender,,brand:Kool%20Vue,brand:Perfect%20Fit,brand:US%20Auto%20Parts)&omPage=Browse%20by%20LocationFront,%20Driver%20Side

(3rd one from the top)
would fit my 2001 honda civic dx without having to get adapters or anything

My son has had a fender bender with his 2000 Honda Civic EX. I’m needing to find a good place to purchase a right front fender as well as a right power mirror.

He and I can easily do the replacement and save on body shop labor but I will have a local shop paint the parts for me to get a quality job. I’ve found several places online to order replacement body parts for the car and the prices are great. However, they stick it to you on the shipping. The fender for his car is relatively small but some places want to ship it by truck and others UPS ground. One quote for shipping by truck was $125 and another by UPS was $75. Their prices for the fender alone is only around $25!!

Where I work I handle much of the UPS shipping and I know it shouldn’t be more than $10-20 to ship this item, plus a little for the handling of course. But their shipping prices amount to robbery!

Have a good source for parts that is fair on the shipping? I’m not opposed to used parts either as long as they are of good quality and near new condition. Other advice or suggestions appreciated!

i am trying to replace my broken front bumper, Honda civic 2003.
the corner of the bumper is missing, therefore the screws, or clips(whatever you called those) are missing. so i need to buy some. what are those called? is there some special names so i can buy it online? are those the only screws or clips i would need to replace my bumper?
Also, i have to install my inner fender, which i dont have screws or clips for it? what kind of screws would fit? how much would it cost?
thanks for answering all my questions.

I have a 2 door 94 honda civic. I wrecked it monday morning and i need a replacement hood for it. but i dont know if the 2 and 4 doors are the same. because the fenders arent the same. but the the head lights are. if you could help me out.

1994 Honda Civic 1.5 L 4 Cyl

Been having problems with my car starting, and finally went to a local mechanic.

It was diagnosed as a no start due to a bad distributor, and was told it would cost 300-400 for parts and labor.

Its an old car and i don’t want to put that much into it for a new distrubutor.
I am now looking to get it at a local Pull-A-Part (Self Service Wrecking Yard) and its priced at

So my question is what is the Distrubutor Module, And what are the the matching ones to replace it that i can find at a wrecking yard.

(Sorry I do not now how to phrase it, but the idea is, i want to find a distrubutor unit that i can get, but i dont know which ones work for it, for example a front fender for my car I would need to find a 92-95 Honda Civic.)

Also can someone give really good directions/diagrams to changing the distrubutor.
How do i know what or if a distrubutor works with mine?

im looking for a price and location on where i can get one

It has extremely low mileage, but is rusting, and I want to get new panels for it, doors, fenders and under the rear tail lights. Because of it’s age, it’s hard to find them. I live near Toronto, Ontario, but wouldn’t be opposed to have them shipped from the USA, but prefer something closer to home. I’m not interested in the wreckers as they have a tendency to rust plus I have power windows, power door locks and power mirrors. One more year and I wont have to have the car emmissioned tested anymore…that should help pay for the parts. Thank you.

I would agree it doesn’t make sense to repair the car, but I want to change the color anyway and not a factory color. When I purchased the car I didn’t think I would like it as I have always had new cars, but I have grown attached to it, as it runs so well, and is cheap to insure. I love not having a car payment. Also I know this car, if I purchase one I may get someone elses problem. Thanks for your answer.
I should get 500,000km out of it and I have 360,000km to go, so it may be worth it.

Hi guys,

My mom recently hit my honda civic and my front right fender is UGLY and scratches my tire when I drive. A guy at my school randomly came up to me and told me he has the same part and that he’d sell it to me for $45 and install it for $40. Is this a good deal? What do you guys think?

I found a 2009 Honda Civic SI for $15000 and has only 20,000 miles. I’m very interested but the owner claims he misplaced the carfax report. He sent me the VIN Number and I looked it up. It says it has 11 Records and has a Rebuilt Salvage Title. He also claimed the car was stolen. If the car was stolen, would it show up on a Rebuilt/Salvage Title?

In searching for a vehicle for my 17 year old daughter I came across a pre-leased honda civic that I’m interested in. It’s a 2008 EX for $13,000. It appeared to me that the paint job was not factory so I asked about it to the dealer; his answer was that it may have been repainted before he obtained the vehicle, but there are VIN stickers on all of the major parts of the car (on the doors, on the frame between the front and back doors, under the hood, and under the trunk lid; you get the point). He also said the all Honda’s have these VIN stickers from the factory, and even some others manufaturers do it, but not all. If this is correct, then I know that all major parts of this vehicle are orignal parts to this vehicle, even if it was repainted. I’ve never heard these “VIN stickers all over the vehicle” before, but then again I’ve never purchased lots of vehicles throughout my life, but it does make sense, especially on a lease vehicle that they will eventually have to resell. Has anyone ever heard of this before?

I have checked the drain plug. Before going into the water for the 1st time this year I put the muffs on and it ran great no leaks no water in engine compartment. Let it sit in the water and within hours had water up to the bottom of the engine…Any suggestions?

got it stock, these are my plans.

Stage 1 Cams and Cam Gears
Retainers and Springs
Aem Cold Air Intake
Skunk2 Exhaust System
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
DC 4-2-1 Header
Type-R Throttle Body
BPI Velocity Stack
NGK Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Wires
Ported and Polished Head
Hondata ECU and Hondata Tune

what are my numbers going to look like? im not lookin for the fastest car out there just want a fun car to drive that gets good gas millage. Anything you would add or take off? Suspention not added in the question cuz i already got that done. Thanks for any advice!!

Why are there two fans in the engine compartment? And if the Auxiliary fan is not working, what problems can occur?

ok. I bought a little 1988 Honda Civic hatch. It is lime green w/ body kit, its pretty cute, and runs like a dream. A teen owned it before, and complately suped it. It has some sort of racing engine with less than 35000 miles on it, and is mechanically sound, so I figure this is a good little car to fix up.

Problem is that I know nothing about cars. And it has some body damage that is a real eyesore for me. The area that I want to spruce up first is, I think, the front fenders. Those are two pieces (one on each side of the car) that sit above the front tires. They are bent and scraped and ugly as heck.

Does anyone know what this piece is called, and where I might find replacements? Getting the paint matched is the easy part lol.

Thank you!!

I’m thinking of buying it for my first car & was just wondering whether it will cause any real problems or if it’s simply an appearance thing? It’s basically the only thing wrong with this car!
WIll I have to replace the fender or can I just leave it?
If yes, how much do fenders range from?
92 Honda Civic (sedan)

It’s been almost two years since I bought it and the engine compartment got pretty dirty. It has never been washed and I was wondering if I should cover anything (like battery or sparkplugs connectors) before a power wash.

I have a 1999 Honda Civic-2 door. My daughter wrecked it the first time with damage to the passenger side fender dented in (rubbing on my front tire when I turn). Then someone hit it in the apartments I live in. That damage is done to the drivers side front fender area. They knocked the mirror off (driver’s side-purchased replacement from amazon-still in box in the trunk) and the window only goes up half way (power lever kind) and then I pull on it and it will pull forward so that I can finish rolling it up electrically. None of this will be covered by insurance. All will be out of pocket. How can I get a cheaper repair job? Should I call around to find the fenders on my own and it there anything else I could do to lower the cost.

I need to run some cables from my engine compartment into the cockpit which will then be relayed into the rear of the car.

Can anyone suggest how to do this?

At the moment it’s running through the gap between the bodywork and the chassis and in through the door but I’d rather have something a little better which is hidden!

ok, i want to install and upgrade the sound system in my car, volkswagen 2006, but i dont know where to run the power cable from the battery in engine compartment to the trunk where i place the amplifiers, anyone who knows, please help me out. thanks

It makes it difficult to perform maintenance such as changing spark plugs, replacing components, etc.Is it done on purpose to deter us from working on them? I would much rather give up seating or storage space for a bigger engine compartment.

Wanting to put a different engine in my 85 amc eagle wagon. What do i have to measure in the engine compartment to make sure my new engine will fit?

How do I keep squirrels and mice from shackin’ up in the engine compartment of my car? They bring with them acorns, leaves and sticks that smolder on the hot engine and they munch on the wires. I clean it up regularly but they just keep coming back.

Not knowing offhand the engine mounts or engine compartment size or engine dimensions and such. Would either option be possible or would it just be better to go and buy one of those that already has the V8?

I have a 1997 Oldsmobile 88 that has about 160,000 miles. I have started to notice a burning smell coming from the engine compartment. It seems to be stronger in the back on the passenger’s side.There is also a clicking sound coming from the front right tire.

I have heard that a large percent of dead cats and raccoons seen by the side of the highway are the result of animals hiding in engine compartments to stay warm. Then they jump out while the car is travelling and are run over by the vehicle they had been in or one that is following behind. Is this true?

I have a 2002 jeep wrangler. I just bought hella lights and need to run the positive and negative wires throught the engine compartment into the dash. What is the easiest opening to do that. I need to put a toggle switch inside.

I have a 1998 honda civic si coupe. I wanted to fix my antenna. So I unscrewed the top unplugged the antenna tied a rope to the end of the cord so it would be easy to pull back threw. Turns out the rope broke so now I cannot pull the antenna wire threw because I don’t know any other way please tell me what I have to take apart to get the wire back to how it was… I miss listening to the radio:( please help and thank you

Im 80% sure my car isn’t starting because it’s too cold up here, and my manual says the cord is stowed in the engine compartment, which doesn’t help much, and i’ve been searching around by the lights, radiator, and pretty much all over forever. Anyone know if it’s like super hidden or something?

I have a rat that is living in my engine compartment. How do I know it is a rat? 1. the rat turds. 2. I saw it poke its head up three times in one hour! How do I get it out once and for all? I put glue traps with a small piece of snickers bar, but so far, nothing yet! Advice is appreciated.

I’m curious to if I can use PVC tubing in the engine compartment of my 77 Pontiac Trans Am, I need to replace the rubber lines currently running from the fuel line to the fuel pump (engine compartment – carburator), I don’t know if my lines are clogged and I don’t know how to check besides using PVC tubing to see if fuel is running through, will it melt or work fine? Thank you.

I have an 07 altima 3.5 SE, and when started after being off overnight, there is a clicking sound in the engine compartment when I start driving. But then I never hear it again until it hasn’t been driven for a while.

I recently adopted a kitten which was rescued from the engine compartment of a car. Since I have brought him home, I put him outside on occasion to train him to use use the litter outside. Well, he went missing for a few hours. I later found him AGAIN within the engine compartment of my car. He went on a 10 mile car ride with me! I know he seeks the warmth of the car, and I can’t keep him inside all the time because of allergies. Can anyone help me?

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