Honda Accord Headlight Bulb Installation Instructions


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When it is time to change your Honda Accord headlight bulbs, you may find the half quantity you may want located on the base of the old bulb. This would be the only printed number on the bulb. When changing the bulbs, just remember to change the bulbs with the precise half number you need. Whereas different bulbs may fit, they don’t seem to be essentially meant to be used in your Accord. This may even ensure the right headlight depth your Accord requires.

Honda Accord Headlight Bulb Installation Instructions

1. Open the hood and find the Headlight Bulb you want to replace. Put on your rubber gloves.
2. Unplug the electrical harness that connects the Headlight Bulb to the electrical system. In a Honda Accord, these will all the time be a plug-style connection. You will need to push down on the retaining clip and pull the connector aside from the bulb’s base.
3. Turn the base of the headlight bulb in order that the bulb comes free from the housing. You will then be able to pull the headlight bulb straight out of the housing.
4. Insert the new bulb. Set up is the reverse of removal.
5. Repeat Steps 2 to 4 for every bulb you might be replacing.
Do not touch the headlight bulb itself together with your fingers. The oil out of your fingers will likely be heated by the bulb and will cause the bulb to blow up inside the headlight housing. Because of this, use rubber gloves or use caution when dealing with the bulb.

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I own a 2000 GTI, and I want to replace the headlight bulbs with brighter ones. I was going to get Silvania Ultras, but are there any nice white and bright bulbs that you recommend that are not too pricy? Anyway, I looked under the hood, and there is a cover that comes off to access the bulbs. The bulb and wire are held in with like a thin metal wire clip. I was wondering how to remove the clip so I can get at the bulb. Thanks

Or would they laugh at me at the call-center?

One of my front car’s front headlights has blown.

I’ve checked with the manual and to change the headlight bulb, you have to remove the front bumper in order to get access.

Stupid design and a tricky job for the inexperienced.. there are clips to unclip and then like 15 torx screws to remove from different areas.

I reckon someone with experience could do it in 10 minutes.. but I can’t do it… already had a try at it.
BTW – I pay for the top-level of cover with the AA, which includes home assistance cover, which is quite pricey.. and I’ve not used them for ages as I keep my car well-maintained.
Hmmm it seems 50/50 on whether it’s appropriate for me to ring the AA or not for help.

As for the dealer… they charge £100 ph+ VAT for any job. Any job is booked at minimum 30 minutes. My local specialist (cheaper) is £50 ph + VAT. I don’t really want to pay all that money for just replacing a bulb.
gixer rider – i hope you’re not serious. I can do a full oil and filter change, but to remove the bumper is difficult and you need to to get access to the headlamps/bulbs.

Thank you for looking. I need to change the headlight bulb on my 07′ lexus es350. My car currently uses the H7 bulb. I tried doing it and was able to reach the actual light bulb, but was never able to pull it out of the socket. Do I have to turn it left, or right or should I just pull it right out? Please let me know. Thank you

I have a 2006 Passat and the passenger side headlight bulb went out. How do you replace the light bulb?

I have a renault clio 04 plate and i wondered how do you change the headlight bulb on the drivers side, mines stopped working and i dont want to take it to a mechanic just for that.

My main headlight went out yesterday (for ten minutes, then came back on, then went off again!). I have ordered a new bulb. Is replacing it a simple matter ?

I wanted to changed my headlights to white lights in my 2000 Subaru Impreza RS but i don’t know how. I unplug the power to the bulb but cant get the bulb itself out of the light mount. I can touch the three prongs where you plug the power into but it won’t budge. Do i have to take the whole light housing out? Give me instructions please-

It’s the headlight bulb on the driver side (right side). Thanks.

Are there any headlight bulbs that will fit the factory headlamp but are a little brighter?

Honda Civic EX coupe 2000. Trying to change the headlight bulb.

The area to get access to the bulb is to small to fit my hand in & switch the bulb out. Any advice?

I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport, and can’t find any clear answer showing how to change the headlight bulb. Does anyone know how to do this?

I already checked the owners manual and it didn’t help.


My driver-side headlight bulb has gone on my Polo, can anyone describe how it can be changed and what type of bulb it takes?

I have a 1983 Plymouth Reliant and can not find anywhere online what size headlight bulbs it needs. Does anyone have a suggestion?

I have a whole bunch of brand-new headlight bulbs, but I can’t a website that lists what models of cars the bulb code fits.

I am looking to find what types of cars the bulb fits, so please do not post a website that requires you to select a make and model of a car to get a list of codes. I am doing it backwards.

Hey, I was wondering how do you install the high beam headlight bulb (9005) in a 1996 Honda prelude? It looks like it is kind of out of reach, so does the headlight housing need to be removed in order to change it?

I have a 2000 Honda Civic. Im looking to buy the best headlight bulbs to make them look like xenon lights. I know I can convert the whole headlight system, but its only a civic so I dont wanna spend that kind of money. Just a good set of imposter bulbs will do.
Im looking for the best xenon imposter headlight bulbs, I do not care about how much visibilty I will lose. Im just looking for a nice sporty look.

I have a Honda Activa Headlight Bulb ( 35 Watt ) but i dont know the voltage required. So if i connect it to the power supply at my home, will it glow or will it trip d breakers?

I just installed some Sylvania Silverstars, but they look yellow compared to my pure white LED fog lights. Is there a headlight bulb on the market that looks much whiter than the Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulb?
They don’t make Silverstar Ultras in H13 size.
I just have my fog lights for looks only. Most vehicles don’t even have fog lights.

Hi, I have 2000 Rover 75 and the nearside headlight bulb needs replacing. Has anyone had experience of this because I’m darned if I can see how. I have tried to remove the fuse box because once that is out, I can get access, but I cannot get it out. Any help would be appreciated.

I have an ’01 Jetta GLS and need new headlight bulbs. Are there different kinds? Couldn’t find anything in my book. I like those annoying white ones — can I get those?

I am looking to replace my 2010 nissan sentra’s headlight bulbs with brighter ones. I was looking at the sylvania silverstar ultras but I don’t know what socket type my car will take. I have read in some places it’s an H11 socket but my car manual says it’s H13 for the low/high beams. Should I go with the manual?

i want to put blue headlight bulbs in my car but i only had regular befor is it safe? also are the white ones the same as the blue?

I have an 2000 Audi A4 and am looking for a replacement headlight bulb. I have the OEM HID headlights (D2S 66040 bulbs) and the replacements are really expensive. I am looking for a cheaper option that will give good performance.

I want to replace my headlight bulbs. I have sylvania ultra right now.

Assuming you are using the same ballast, how do different HID headlight bulbs emit different colors? What I would like to know is what is physically different about the bulb that accounts for this different color output? Do they use a different gas? They cant be a different wattage really since that’s determined by the ballast.

I need to replace one of the headlight bulbs on my truck, since doesn’t work on high beam. I went to the store and saw they had a bunch of different bulbs, many of them with numbers ranging from 9003 to 9008 and some other ones. Which type do I need?

I’m going on a road trip this weekend and I’m worried that one of my headlights will burn out while I’m in the middle of nowhere. Is it safe to keep spare headlight bulbs in my trunk in case of emergencies? I live in Arizona and the inside of a car can get VERY hot during the day. Is there any danger that a spare headlight in an unopened box will explode or burn out before I even get a chanse to use it?

I have a 1990 Ford Bronco II and i need a way to change the headlight bulbs to a “superwhite” or a “cool blue” color, but the problem is that the headlight is an entire assembly, not just a lens, that i can replace the bulb behind it. Just need help with changing it to a different bulb type.

I have a 1996 Honda civic ex coupe. I want to replace my headlight bulbs because I want my light to be “white” and not “yellow” I can’t find any information on what type my headlight bulb is. Is it h4? 9003? Maybe I just don’t know where to look.. If anyone can tell me I’d great appreciate it. And happy new years!!

What is the best replacement headlight bulb? My front halogen one died out, and i need a replacement. So i was looking for either a cool blue or white look. Without spending $150+ for an HID conversion of course.

So what is the best headlight bulb company that isnt super expensive, but puts off a really nice blue/white color and provides great lighting?

I want to get a new pair of headlight bulbs for my car. Are yellow headlights street legal? What factors do I have to consider when getting headlight bulbs?

I accidently touched my headlight bulbs with my hands and was told that it will ruin the bulb.These are new bulbs and I don’t wanna buy ne more,what can I do to save them?

I was wondering if you can install a 55w car headlight bulb into a 51w socket? Will you still get the same quality light output?

Are there any other problems when doing so?

On the end of a headlight bulb, theres usually a silver or black tip on the end. What is it and what does it do?

Thank you for looking. I need to change the headlight bulb on my 07′ lexus es350. My car currently uses the H7 bulb. I tried doing it and was able to reach the actual light bulb, but was never able to pull it out of the socket. Do I have to turn it left, or right or should I just pull it right out? Please let me know. Thank you

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