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Ford is known for constructing quality autos made to run strong for many miles.Ford uses an electric starter to interact the flywheel. As soon as the flywheel is engaged, it’s going to flip the crankshaft. A faulty starter is mostly a last resort for troubleshooting a faulty ignition system. As soon as the starter is off the automobile, it can be bench examined at most native automotive-components stores.
1. Access the engine compartment by opening the hood and securing it with the prop rod. Disconnect the battery cables by eradicating them from the terminals with a socket wrench. This can isolate the electrical power.
2. Find the starter, a cylindrical shaped motor mounted between the flywheel and the engine. The starter might be accessed from the bottom of the engine. This will make the duty easier.
3. Unbolt the stud on the top to remove the positive cable with the socket wrench. Pull it away from the starter.
4. Pull the starter off the body by hand. Faucet with a hammer if the starter is stubborn and won’t come loose.
5. Position the new starter to the frame. Start threading the top bolt to hold the starter in place.
6. Unscrew the stud on the highest of the starter to install the positive cable. Place the starter cable on the stud and tighten with a socket wrench
7. Push the remaining bolt via the unfavorable cable and tighten each to the bottom bracket. Secure both bolts with a socket wrench.
8. Safe the battery cables to the battery terminal. Tighten the cables on to the terminal for a strong connection.
9. Begin the car to ensure the starter was installed correctly. The Ford will begin with no hesitation.

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Engine: 302 (Ford 5.0L) OHV (Shouldn’t matter that its not the overhead cam, but whatever)
Transmission: Ford AOD (Not AOD-E… it’s the first AOD… the one used in the 80s and very early 90s).

Instructions from Haynes:
1) Raise Vehicle
2) Drain tranny fluid
3) Disconnect the oil cooler line fittings. (Plug lines to keep out contaminants)
4) Remove torque converter (TC) cover.
5) Remove nuts that fasten the TC to the driveplate.
6) Drain the fluid from the TC
7) Remove the starter motor
8) Remove the drive shaft
9) Disconnect the speedo cable
10) Remove any exhaust components which will interfere with transmission removal (I don’t have a jack so I can’t see if there are any)
11) Disconnect TV cable.
12) Disconnect shift cable.
13) Remove the mount to transmission extension hosing bolts.
14) Raise tranny and remove crossmember-to-frame bolts, lower the cross member.
15) Lower tranny. Remove transmission bolts and stud.
16) Disconnect and plug transmission fluid cooler lines.
17) Remove tranny dipstick tube.
18) Move tranny to rear, disengage from engine block dowel pins, lower and remove.

1) Raise transmission, turn TC to line up the studs with the holes in the driveplate.
2) Move tranny forward until dowel pins and TC are engaged.
3) Install tranny to engine bolts.
4) Install TC to drive plate nuts.
5) Connect tranny fluid cooler lines.
6) Install the tranny mount and crossmember throughbolts.
7) Install dipstick tube and oil cooler line fittings
8) Install starter
9) Connect vacuum hoses (Again, don’t know if this is required since I can’t get under my car… but even if so shouldn’t take very long)
10) Connect the shift and TV linkage
11) Plug in tranny wire harness connectors
12) Install TC cover
13) install driveshaft
14) Connect speedo cable
15) Adjust shift linkage
16) Install any exhaust components removed in step 10 of removal
17) Fill tranny, start car, check for leaks.

I’m more curious because I want to know what I’m going to be charged for labor since I don’t have the facilities to do this myself. =

Drivetrain is easy to remove. Mark position, remove 4 bolts, pull back. Installation is also that easy.
Chokos: Ouch… that many? I’m not talking about rebuilding the tranny… pull out the old one, put new one in.
Alternate instructions:
This would be for a shop since I don’t have the tools to do it myself.

after reassembling a starter motor for a lawn tractor the motor is running in reverse. There are two grounded brushes and two hot brushes. They are alternated right now…hot, ground, hot, ground. How do they need to be setup for reversing the direction?

I want to start playing the guitar, so I was wondering what’s a good beginner’s electric guitar? And should I get one with or without a whammy bar?

i have a 1998 Kohler Command Pro 11. Its 11 Hp about 400cc. i got it from work and brought it home and the starter does not have engough power to get past the compression stroke. so the starter apart and it smells really bad like burnt electrical and there seems to be a build up of gunk in it. but the bushings and every thing seem good. how do i fix this?? thanks

I have a 2004 honda xr250r, does anyone know if they make an electric starter for? If so where can i buy one?

in other words, can i install an electric starter to my 2-stroke 950-watt generator? it almost looks exactly like this:

because i saw some motorcycles having electric starters and yet they do have 2-stroke engines..

i hope someone could direct me to a link or guide that shows exactly how to get it done. thanks.

I want to learn how to play the electric guitar this summer. I want to buy one of those kits that comes with an amp, guitar, strap, picks, strings etc. What kind of starter kit do you suggest?
Thanks :)

i have a kick starter only motor bike ( a 50 cc) i would like to make it a electronic starter what is the best and easy way to do so. would i need to do alot of work.

Well, I was just offered a slew of parts bikes (all Honda, btw), 3 of them not much more than gas tanks and frames but one of them was an ’82 CB500 that looks like its all there and also another 500 that does have the engine and a good bit of parts but is a total basket case. Before I start wheelin’ and dealin’ with this fellow theres something I hope you guys might help me with, and I guess it’s just the question in my subject heading. I know if you’ve got a kick start you can tell right of if the thing’ll turn over, but if it has only an electric start is there anything I can wrench on and find out that way?
Good eye Gaurdrail, the bike is a CX.
I choose Firecracker’s answer as best since it helped me figure out whether the ’83 CX500 engine sitting on the ground next to it was worth foolin with. Thanks everyone for all the help.
I choose Firecracker’s answer as best since it helped me figure out whether the ’83 CX500 engine sitting on the ground next to it was worth foolin with. Thanks everyone for all the help.

I am planning to purchase a 1992 Suzuki GSX-R 600, the guy that is selling it said the electric starter does not work.

How much does a replacement usually cost?

Is installation difficult and expensive?

Is this a big problem?

I would appreciate advice and good info.


I have installed 3 new starters 93 Ford Explorer.Seems the soliend (on the starter) keeps burning out.Could improperly connected soliend be the cause (to much or constant) power to starter after ignition is in run position?

Replaced all cables,soliend on right inner fender,and starter. Any suggestions?

Thanks Frank

What do I need to buy, just the starter itself or are there any other things involved when replacing the starter?

Step by Step instructions…

Is there a specific site where I can see a tutorial or manual?


The starter solenoid on my 2003 Mercury Sable went bad, so I bought a new one. I got the old one off no problem, but mounting the new one is a chore, since the starter is still mounted on the car. On the back of the solenoid, there is a white plastic pin that depresses if you push it. What I want to know, is do I just stick it in and put the screws in, or is there a certain piece that I have to stick that plastic pin into? I just don’t want to stick it on and bolt it, if there is a specific place you have to slide that pin into.

My boyfriend said he would try to remove my remote start from my 2005 Ford Taurus (I’m getting a new car), but he popped the hood and isn’t sure how to start. Has anyone done this before that can give tips?

Hi I have a 98 Ford escort zx2 I got it of a lady and I drove it for a week and it started having problems like I would loss power at certen speeds and then one day it would not start so I charge the battery put new spark wires changed the crankshaft senior and camsencer I change the gas filter to. Now when I crank it over it cranks but it wont start it makes a hissing/ pissing noice and I have no clue what to do help please anything

I’ve tried searching the web and checking with my local boat repair shop…nothing. The engine is a 2-stroke which was originally a pull-start and retrofitted with an electric starter.

If there are no conclusive answers for that, second-round best answer goes to the person who can tell me where to find the cheapest used 25hp outboard that comes with a warranty (or some type of guarantee, at least). Please post a link and a price. Thanks for the help!

I’m having trouble starting the car. Brand new battery, brand new starter and solenoid and wire post installed. When i turn the key switch, I get no power, it makes no noise at all, only when I do the first turn on the key. I hear one clicking sound and after that no more sounds at all. There is no power inside either, I checked some of the battery grounds and I can’t find the problem. Please help me out if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

I think for Christmas I am going to get my Dad a remote car starter. Should I get installation with it?? My Dad is very handy and is a heavy equipment mechanic. Are they really hard to install?? Would it take along time to install himself?? Thank you!!!
An estimate, how much does installation cost???? Thanks again!!

hi….i have an old hero honda cbz.i want to fit it with an electric starter.can any one help me.n please tell me how to do it.cost is not an issue.i have all essential kit needed.please help.

I just picked up a 1974 honda cl 360 and im having some trouble starting it up. The charge on the battery is too weak for the electric starter, and when I try kick starting it gets so close but won’t start up all the way. Once its running it idols fine and runs great. Any thoughts?

I want to add a home made piezo-electric propane charcoal starter to my existing grill. Any suggestions? Many thanks!!!!

I need to know how to change the oil pan gasket, step by step. The labor charge for this repair is outrageous! If I can find the manual, I have someone with the know how to take everything apart and put it back together-they are just unfamiliar with this model!

I am needing to know how to change the starter in my 2004 ford taurus, can I do by going under the hood or do I need to go under the car to change it???

i have a very old Troy Built snowblower thats giving me problems. it wont stay running on its own. i opened the fuel line, put new gas and oil in messed around with the fuel mixture settings after my first attempt at starting it didnt last long. i have to use the electric starter cuz i broke the string a while back. it has 4 choke settings and i have to use the 2nd setting (the 1st being full choke) to keep it running. but it doesnt stay running, it sounds like it dies then comes back. when i get it stable, i whent and plowed some snow but when it got a little tough, it stalled on me.

any idea what could be going on? i desperately need to fix this. i have multiple 75ft driveways to take care of and i cant afford a new blower.

I just bought a 50cc Geely scooter (china) from my neighbor. I put new oil, gear oil, and gas in it. Bought a new battery and it is fully charged. I put the key in the ignition and try the electric starter. It tries to start but the engine doesn’t fire. The turn signals, brake lights, and gas gauge work but the head lamp does not. I also tried to kick start it, but had no luck. Is there something I am missing? What could be the problem?

It is the hardest to start engine ever and i need to not break my arm agian so…… any electric starters

Which is the worst vintage enduro to avoid. My vote is the Yamaha 125 early 70′s with the electric starter. Underpowered as well as you never know when it is going to stall from electical power problems.

What is your choice

My engine doesn’t crank right. Instead of having a rhythm like crank noise, the pace goes up and down and then seems to take alot of power to get the electric starter to turn while it drains the battery. it seams like theres alot of pressure for the piston and it doesnt want to compress inside.

Can some one also recomend a electric guitar starter kit, I have the Ibanez jumpstart JS40 in my mind. I want to play the guitar as a hobby not profession.

I need a charger for the battery of the electric starter on my mini-cycle.

I just need a link to order it online.

approx. how much do you think this will be?


Im considering buying a Polaris trailblazer 250. 2004 i believe, 2 wheel drive, 15 running hours, 2 stroke, automatic, electric starter, bought for 1950, being sold for 1500. This a reasonable deal?

How much would it cost and how difficult is it to install an electric starter on a kickstart moped motor.

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