Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Removal and Installation Instructions


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Corrosion and heavy masses take their toll on the leaf springs of a Ford Ranger over time, making them lose their experience height. You may ship the leaf springs to the auto repair store for maintenance or change them to restore the rear suspension’s skill to compress and lengthen when driving over bumps and holes on the road. Comply with this guide to remove and install the leaf springs.

Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Removal Instructions

leaf spring1. Park your Ford Ranger on a tough, degree surface.
2. Loosen the rear wheel lugs with a lug wrench on the facet that you will be working on first.
3. Lift that rear wheel utilizing a flooring jack and support it on a jack stand.
4. Take away the wheel/tire assembly.
5. Help the rear axle with a Hi-Lift jack or ground jack.
6. Remove the U-bolt nuts that safe the rear axle to the leaf spring. Use a wrench or ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.
7. Elevate the U-bolts and spring plate off the leaf spring and axle.
8. Lower the rear axle a few inches and take off the spring spacer between the leaf spring and axle, if equipped.
9. Loosen and take away the bolts securing the ends of the leaf spring to the spring hangers. Use a again up wrench to hold the bolt as you loosen and remove the retaining nut using a wrench or ratchet and socket.
10. Remove the leaf spring from the vehicle.

Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Installation Instructions

1. Place the leaf spring on its mounting place and insert the new mounting bolts and retainer nuts at every end to secure the spring to its hangers.
2. Tighten the mounting bolts using a back up wrench and a wrench or ratchet and socket.
3. Place the spring spacer between the leaf spring and the rear axle, if equipped.
4. Raise the rear axle with the Hello-Raise jack or floor jack and install the new U-bolts, new nuts and spring plate to secure the spring to the axle.
5. Tighten the U-bolt nuts using a wrench or ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. Work in a crisscross pattern to evenly tighten the retaining nuts.
6. Remove the Hello-Raise jack or ground jack from the rear axle.
7. Set up the wheel tire meeting and tighten the wheel lugs enough to firmly secure the wheel/tire assembly. Use the lug wrench.
8. Lower the automobile and finish tightening the wheel.
9. Replace the alternative leaf spring following the above steps.

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I drive a auto ford ranger and i need to find the drain plug. If you can show image will be a plus.

I would like to do a v8 engine swap on my 1997 4.0 ford ranger 4×4… I’m wondering what
V8′s will bolt up without doing a tranny swap too?

I recently replaced my EGR valve in my ’95 Ford Ranger and yet the check engine light still comes on. I unhooked the battery cables for 15 minutes which caused the light to go off, but it came back on after about an hour of driving. What else is there to do?

I am wanting to build a go kart using a lawn mower engine. I am trying to work this out in my head. obviously with a conventional lawn mower the blades are turning horizontal (to the ground). so when connecting it to a rear axle of a go kart how do you convert that in to vertically movement. do you need a gear box kinda thing for this or am i missing something.

I want to buy 4 new speakers for my ’97 ford ranger to get better sound quality, but i don’t know how to measure them to look for new ones. And my stereo system says 50×4 watts….what does this mean?

Im trying to figure out dimensions of my rear axle shaft on my 09 silverado. All I know is I have 3.42 gears and 10 bolt cover. Does anyone know the length, spline, and ring gear specs?

I have a 2007 Ford Ranger extended cab with about 60k miles on it. How mqny miles do you think i can get out of the average ranger like mine as long as its taken care of and gets regular oil changes? Thanks

My 01 ford ranger started shaking when i put it in reverse this morning to get out of my parking lot. It then continued to do it when I put it in drive. I quickly put it in park and shut it off. I turned it back on and waited a minute before putting it back in drive and then it was fine. It has done this a couple times now, what could be causing this?

Looking to buy a Ford Ranger with a limited budget (around $3500).. Found a 1999 Super Cab 4×4 for around $2800 but it has 157k miles on it.

If I were to buy this truck, should I expect a lot of mechanical problems? The seller says it is in great mechanical condition, and it seems like it is to me by looking at it. I just dont know how long these trucks typically last before they start having major issues and I don’t want to buy a money pit.
Thanks in advance!

I have a 1991 Ford Ranger and i just can’t seem to give it up. I have the money and time to fix “her” up and improve her style. What are the major things that i should start out on? New engine or keep the one i have and improve on it? (2.3L 4 Cyl. M/T) Im up for any ideas and insights.

I am looking for a cheap transmission for my 1998 ford ranger 4wd automatic transmission. I need the truck for school and it starts soon! Thanks!!
It is also a 3.0 Liter.

I am being given a 1994 ford ranger from a family friend. I would like the interior to be completely black. How should i do this?

My 95 Ford Ranger Xlt 4×2 just started to make a wierd noise when braking and the brakes feel like they are grinding while driving, how do I tell which part is going bad? This is the front end. I have new pads to put on it but am trying to make sure that I get it all done right.
The truck still stops great but that may be because of the rear brakes which are newer.

How much weight is a new standard (XLT) Ford Ranger certified to carry in the bed? How much weight is it certified to tow, with the appropriate hitch?

I want to make a Cummins 4BT diesel engine fit in and under a 1993 ford ranger, but am not too knowledgeable on transmissions or power train components! Please if someone can guide me in the right direction that would be awesome! Also what would you recommend for gear ratios for daily driving and some off roading?

I bought a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge.On the Steering Wheel the Ford Emblem was dented in.I’m just trying to find one and replace it to make it look better.

I have a 2000 ford ranger and i wanted to look at engine to put in it in the future. Could i replace it with a v8?

I know somone selling a 1993 ford ranger splash, and i am pretty sure its V6, would that get descent gas?

Someone drilled the car door locks out of my ford ranger and I can’t get into my truck. I was wondering how much it would cost and who I should have install new car door locks? Do I go to an auto body shop? The dealership? I have no idea who to go to and how much this is gonna be.

1994 Ford Ranger, extend cab, air conditioning, manual windows and locks. 4 cylinder.

I have a 2007 2wd 5-speed ford ranger xl with a 2.3L 4 cylinder in it and I want to be able to clear 31 inch tires on it easily and I want it to look good. What kind of lift should I put on it? Links to products would be appreciated. Thanks!

I recently replaced my EGR valve in my ’95 Ford Ranger and yet the check engine light still comes on. I unhooked the battery cables for 15 minutes which caused the light to go off, but it came back on after about an hour of driving. What else is there to do?

I am looking for a transmission for my 93 ford ranger. It is a manual trans. 5 speed. I was told there were a couple of different types of transmissions for this model and am not sure which one is right for my truck. If anyone knows someone who is selling one or knows how to get one please let me know. Thank you.

I have a 1999 ex cab ford ranger with 15in rim. Im wanting to put 31s on it but im not sure if they will fit?

I have a transmission from a 1990 mustang 2.3 that i believe is an A4LD. Is this the correct transmission for a 1985 ford ranger? Direct swap?

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT. There is coolant fluid leaking from the water pump area, so I’m guessing it needs to be changed. So, what am I getting into? How hard is it to change this thing?

I want to install a remote start system for my 94 Ford Ranger, and I’m looking for detailed instructions on how to do that. The company where I purchased my equipment is called Vehicle Power Accessories. I checked their website, but they don’t have instructions. Where could I find instructions?

I have a modified Cummins 4b and am wanting to put it into my Ford Ranger. I have Dana 44 front and rear axles from a Jeep Cherokee that had a V8 and they are only slightly longer than the stock axles. I need to know what transmission and transfer case would be best for my application. And dont tell me to start with a bigger truck because I have my mind set on a diesel Ranger! Thank you!

I want to remove and replace the inertia switch in my 2005 ford ranger edge. Does anyone have any online links or sites that might help me through the process or help me choose the right inertia switch?

Hi i want to remove a fuel pressure regulator from my 1985 ford ranger but i don’t know where its at and what tools i would need to remove the fuel pressure regulator if i were to find it.
Can you please help me THANKS!!!

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT. There is coolant fluid leaking from the water pump area, so I’m guessing it needs to be changed. So, what am I getting into? How hard is it to change this thing?

why does my 1994 ford ranger start sometimes and not others it also stalls and won’t start back up but it does not happen all the time only once in a while. please help, i have no clue and not enough money to take it back into the shop!

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