Ford Focus Steering Rack Installation Instructions


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When you do your personal repairs and want to install a new steering rack for the 2000 to 2007 model years, comply with these instructions. Ford introduced the Focus with the 2000 model year and the primary era lasted for 7 years before the second generation was launched for the 2008 model year. The original shipped as a sedan, hatchback and wagon, but the hatchback and wagon failed in favor of a coupe with the 2008 manufacturing line.

Ford Focus steering rack Installation Instructions

1. Disconnect the detrimental battery cable and center the steering wheel. Pull off the decrease instrument panel and uncouple the steering rack column shaft and steering gear pinion.
2. Raise and help the entrance finish earlier than removing the wheels. Unscrew the tie rod end nuts and use a ball joint press to detach the tie rod ends. Separate the stabilizer bar links and strut and spring assemblies.
3. Unhook the fluid cooler hose and drain the fluid into a clear container. Remove the heat shield, hose help clamp and power steering rack hoses from the gear. Jack the crossmember for help and take away the bolts earlier than decreasing it from the frame. When you remove the floor seal and steering rack column coupling shaft, you call pull out the rack and pinion assembly.
4. Replace the stress and return hose O-ring seals before you install the brand new gear. Tighten the gear fastening bolts to fifty nine foot pounds. Reattach the steering rack column coupler shaft and replace the unique flooring seal. Use pins to align the crossmember to chassis alignment holes and secure the crossmember with outer bolts tightened to 85 foot kilos and 4 interior bolts tightened to 148 foot pounds.
5. Take away the transmission jack and subframe alignment pins to reconnect the ability steering hoses. Tighten the hose assist clamp and change the heat shield. Safe the support insulator to the transaxle middle bolt with a torque of 37 foot pounds.
6. Join the cooler hose and relink the stabilizer bars to the struts and springs (37 foot pound torque). Tighten the new tie rod end nuts to 35 foot-pounds and exchange the wheels. You may decrease the front end at this point.
7. Reattach the steering column coupling shaft and steering gear pinion with w new clamp bolt (21 foot pounds). Replace the instrument panel, refill the fluid and reconnect the battery. Should you do not do a complete entrance-finish alignment, you must not less than ensure you properly alter the toe.

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While driving, we hit a nasty pothole and we were told that what probably happened was the ball joint crakced on the front axel. Does anyone know how much it costs to replace it?

I have a ’99 Lincoln Continental and I was told that the power steering rack is leaking. I don’t have any major puddles under my car when I come out in the morning and it takes about two weeks before I need to fill up the power steering fluid. Do I need to replace the rack or can I just keep on filling up the power steering fluid? I need to use this car for about a year more.

I can’t seem to find the set only the ball joint or control arm bushing I don’t understand, The motor is a sohc 2.3l 4 banger any suggestions would be great.

I am looking at a used Mazda Protege from around 1990.
The ball-joint apparently needs to be replaced, how much would this cost estimatedly? (for the part and then for the labor)
And what could potentially happen if a ball-joint that needs replacing, isn’t replaced…?

I’m trying to replace the steering rack bushings on my 72 240z with poly bushings. For some reason I’m having trouble getting the drivers side bushing to go on all the way. Has anyone had this problem and what’s your advice? Thanks

How do i get the steering knuckle assembly back on the ball joint? After I seperated the steering knuckle assembly from the ball joint everything seemed to push downward, how do I get it raised back up enough to get it on the ball joint? Does anyone have any ideas, or know of a web site that may help?

I recently replaced a lower ball joint on my truck. The new one has a grease fitting. How often should I grease it?

how do you know if u have a bad ball joint or tie rod or strut. what are the effects caused by these problems and is there any easy way to check yourself with basic tools?

I am replacing a lower ball joint on a 98 blazer 4X4 and the stock ball joints are riveted in. What is the best way to get that rivet or weld busted and off in order it install the new ones? Also what is the fastest way to do the hole project?

I need to get my lower ball joint replaced on the front passanger side of my 2001 dodge stratus. I was quoted $250 for the part and labor is extra. Does this sound correct? I was told by a friend who knows a little about car that this estimate is high.

the boot on the upper ball joint is broken and needs to be replaced. I think it just needs to be separated from the knuckle. If anyone has any experience doing this and can give me some instructions it would be much appreciated.

I have a 93 Honda Del Sol SI. I recently have been hearing squeaks coming from my front right tire when ever I turn the steering wheel right. I’m assuming its the ball joints but I will be taking it to a mechanic to have it checked out. However if it is I was hoping some one could tell me the average cost to replace a ball joint.

I have a lifted (5″)1999 Tahoe 4×4 that needs to replace the Lower ball joint on the driver side and the Upper ball joint on the passenger side.

Approximately how much does this cost? Please give me a breakdown, I may just buy the parts myself and take it to a shop if its cheaper.
Please note that the objective is to get it to driving condition and then sell it soon after.

Does anyone know an easy way to change the ball joint on an 86 Ford Mustang? I’ve got the stands and spring compresser if needed, and undoing the ball joint from the spindle doesn’t look like much of a problem. I have to do this in my driveway while battling the Canadian winter. I really just want to know if there’s an easy way to pop the old ball joint out, and then press the new one back in without having to remove the control arm or using specialty tools.
Anyone got any ideas?

My buddy wants to swap out his front ball joints and wants me to help him out. If you guys could provide me with a walk-through or any tips I would appreciate it!

My ball joint does not have a grease fitting and 2 I don’t want to rent the tool or cant until after the holidays obviously.

The type of ball joint is “Sankei Ball Joint – Front Lower”. I’m planning on driving about 1300 miles with a Trailer with thirty 30 inch AV TVs in it.

I have a 1989 Dodge Ramcharger 4X4 that is in dire need of new ball joints in the front axle. The camber is way off and I wear out front tires very quickly. I would rather fix the axle than replace the whole unit.

My left upper ball joint is getting close to giving out on my truck and i can’t afford to fix it for awhile. What is the worst thing that can happen when it gives out?

I need to get my front lower ball joint replaced on my 1999 ford ranger 4×4. How much is this probably going to run me if I take it to a place like les schwab?
I don’t see why you can’t comprehend. I have a 1999 Ford Ranger that needs it front lower ball joint replace. I am wondering how much it is going to cost me to replace it if I take it to a shop like Les Schwab.

And if you replace one ball joint and not the others, would it harm any of the others? Thank you.

I just had surgery on my right shoulder and was told that the ball joint was about twice the size as the other side. What could cause this? I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have several malformed joints already. I was just wondering if overuse and doing things that I should not have done alone could have contributed to this. Please help me find the answer. I am very concerned about this because of passing something down to my children.

I am looking on Craigslist for another car. The car I am interested in, is a 2001 Chrysler Sebring and it says that it is a Mechanic’s special. The problem is, it downshifts from 3rd to 2nd hard and it needs a ball joint. I believe that if it shifts hard it needs a new tranny. Which is true?
Could it need just a new ball joint?
Thank you!

The bottom ball joint on the front passenger wheel just broke on my car. It’s a 1996 mercury grand marquis. I’m not a mechanic of any sorts, so I’ll probably be taking it in. Any idea how much this is going to set me back?

I removed all the bolts and everything but the ball joint is stuck in the lower arm. What is the easiest way to take it out?

and if one ball joint is needed. do they have to do both of them? car is front wheel drive.

My repair manual shows that if you need to replace the upper ball joints for a 1999 Dodge Dakota (3.9 2wd) you must replace the whole control arm. However, the aftermarket parts stores sell just ball joints (without the whole upper arm), or the arm with the ball joint installed. The difference is about 150 dollars per side. Are the ball joints riveted in, or are they bolted in? Is there a way to avoid the 300 dollar difference?

2007 Toyota Camry. The front right wheel slid into a curb and turned to face inward. I have been told I need a new Lower Control Arm and ball joint. Probably will need new alignment too. I am wondering how much installation of all this will cost in Ontario. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to replace a stationary (chrome) shower head with a handheld (plastic) type. The original shower arm has a chrome ball joint attached. All I need to do is replace the ball joint, but the piece won’t come off no matter what I do. The entire arm wants to come off instead. What happens to the copper pipes (behind the wall) if I remove the entire arm? Will I damage anything; do the pipes spring back or do they stay stationary allowing me to replace the arm easily? What should I expect?

My left front ball joint went out on one of the busiest intersections in this dam town…. I have a warranty on my drivetrain so I’m hoping they are part of it.

The bottom ball joint on the front passenger wheel just broke on my car. It’s a 1996 mercury grand marquis. I’m not a mechanic of any sorts, so I’ll probably be taking it in. Any idea how much this is going to set me back?

What is an upper strut mount and its purpose as well as a ball joint. How do they relate to each other and affect each other?

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