Ford Focus Oxygen/O2 Sensor Installation Instructions


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O2, or oxygen, sensors on a Ford Focus monitor the combo of oxygen ratio to burned gas in the exhaust system. They transmit this data to the powertrain management module, or PCM, which then adjusts the amount of fuel to adjust to the data. After time, the O2 Sensor in the Focus can break down and trip the “verify engine” mild on the dashboard. Replacing the sensor yourself can save you cash on labor expenses, and the auto parts stores can learn the difficulty code and decide which sensor in the exhaust system of the Ford Focus has gone bad.

Ford Focus Oxygen/O2 Sensor Installation Instructions

1. Drive the Ford Focus up onto the automobile ramps on a flat floor and apply the parking brake.
2. Place a wheel chock behind one of many rear tires.
3. Put on the safety glasses, collect all of the tools and new O2 sensor, and crawl beneath the entrance of the Focus.
4. Locate the O2 Sensor you are replacing by following the exhaust system to the sensor the parts retailer informed you was bad. The sensor screws into portholes in the exhaust pipes forward of the catalytic converter. There may be one close to the manifold within the front pipe area and another one close to the catalytic converter.
5. Comply with the wire of the O2 Sensor to the plug and unplug it. Use the flathead screwdriver to press in the clip lock and separate the plug.
6. Place the oxygen sensor socket onto the ratchet and remove the O2 sensor from the exhaust pipe. Whether it is stubbornly rusted or caught, light the propane torch and warmth the area of pipe across the O2 sensor to broaden the pipe. Take away the O2 sensor as soon as the pipe expands sufficient to launch it, however then permit ample time for the pipe to chill down.
7. Screw the new O2 sensor into the porthole within the exhaust pipe and tighten with the ratchet and socket. Watch out not to over-tighten. Plug the wire back into the connector, gather the tools and crawl out from beneath the Focus.
8. Remove the wheel chock, release the parking brake, and drive the Focus down off of the automobile ramps.

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“A tank has a supply pipe and an exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe takes 5 mins longer to empty the tank than for the supply pipe to fill it. If both are open, it takes the supply pipe 30 mins to fill the tank. Find how long it takes the supply pipe to fill the tank when the exhaust pipe is closed.”

So I accidentally drove over a ledge coming out of a gas station and busted my exhaust pipe (it vibrates, sounds 2 loud and smells a little bit bad). I am going to take it to the mechanic before things get worse, so how much do you think it usually takes to replace the pipe? (im in california if that matters).

2003 ford focus 2.0L vin P came in with a bad battery and alternator, After replacing them the battery light is still on and I can’t connect to the computer with either of my OTC Scan tools. Checked the fuse for data link and it was good. Battery had a bad cell and alternator was bench tested out of car and was bad.
I believe Ford told me it did control the charging system – it was something new.

On a Ford Explorer, white smoke comes from exhaust pipe and overheats then where would I look for the problem? Okay well it sort of makes sense. Water is escaping through a gasket and entering somewhere in the engine. So less cooling surrounding the engine and overheats. So where abouts on the engine would a gasket need to be replaced? Would it be an extreme job or something someone could fix semi-easily?

Ok so my car is totaled, its a 2000 Ford Focus SE with 102k miles on it, the windshield is broke out, the air bags are deployed and the front is pretty smashed up and both main bumper mounting brace parts of the frame are bent. Everything mechanical is still good and the car is still good from the front doors back. How much can I expect to sell it for?

Does anyone know about how much it might cost to have an exhaust pipe replaced? Would a muffler shop charge less?

What can I pour in a tank or in the exhaust pipe for a truck to smoke a lot without damage. Or someway to make a rattling/banging noise in the truck?

After changing my spark plugs my Grand Am started spraying water and white smoke out of the exhaust pipe. It has a 4 cyl 2.4 L engine. The car starts and runs but I am scared to drive it for fear of causing major damage. Mechanic is ill and will not be able to check it for another 2-3 weeks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Also, it gets worse when the heater is on. Don’t know if that is helpful or not.

We have septic, and we are smelling sewer in our basement. When looking at the top of the roof, I notice that the exhaust pipe is blocked by ice. Since there is snow on the roof, it is impossible to climb up there and remove. Lately it has been well below zero, and in part might be the problem. Do I have to wait until it warms up, or is there something I can do?

I have a 2001 Ford Expedition with about 125,000 miles. When I start the car, a cloud of white smoke come out of the exhaust pipe. I checked the oil and it is low, despite the oil being filled-up about two weeks ago. What could be the problem, and the associated cost?

A big chunk of my tail pipe fell off my 94 Cougar XR7, leaving an exhaust pipe diameter hole. I need the best and cheapest way to do this. I am starting to notice the slightest smell of exhaust as it warms up and while I’m driving.

Hi all,

I want to know the effects that a broken/cracked exhaust pipe of a car has on the engine apart from the big noises and pops. Does if cause some kind of damage to the engine system?

Thanks for ur answers
Following your very informative answers, apart the first one from booge :) I would like to add these details to my question.

My car is a RENAULT 19 Chamade year 1994 with a semi injection engine and running on GPL. The crack on the exhaust tube is located at the back side and no fumes gets into the car. The solution that someone provided somewhere below about using worm clamps is very interesting. Keep adding.

Thank u all

In the morning, when I go to start my truck, white smoke will come out of the exhaust pipe. It only comes out for a second or two, then it goes away. And it only seems to do it after it has been sitting overnight. If I drive it somewhere and the engine warms up, and I shut it off, when I go to restart it, it doesn’t do it.
It’s an 02 GMC Sierra with 94,500 miles.

Hi there, I recently brought a 2001 Yamaha majesty 125 and I’ve tried to look everywhere for the original standard exhaust pipe. However it seams whenever I look all that comes up is a sports exhaust or stainless steel versions. I would be very grateful for a response.

Hey guys I bought a new chrome muffler to replace my stock muffler on my 99 Saturn SL2 and it looks like it won’t fit onto the existing exhaust pipe. I was thinking of getting it professionally done b/c i heard it was somewhat low price (like 50-60 bucks?) but then again my dad told me he had to get it done for my other saturn for 200.

Anyone know what’s best to do? Thanks

Can a leaking exhaust pipe cause more fuel loss in cars? Can it also cause a reduction in speed, and a reduction in efficiency? If so, then why? 10 points will be awarded.
ONLY professional answers needed.


Have a 1996 eclipse rs. I bought some headers that came with it’s matching exhaust pipe. How much do you think a mechanic will charge me to instal it. It’s looks pretty simple, yet the details on the header suggests a professional do it

I have a 1989 CR125 two stroke. My exhaust pipe has what I assume is a metal skid plate on the exhaust. It is riveted into the exhaust and all the rivets have fallen out allowing exhaust to come out of about 4 or 5 holes. The holes are located on the bottom of the pipe right as it comes out of the head to go toward the back of the bike.

Will this effect performance?
How can I seal the holes permanently?
I can’t, I don’t have a machine for it and I don’t know how.

On cars with a single exhaust, I’ve noticed that the exhaust pipe seems to be on the opposite side from the gas cap. Is my impression correct? What is the reason? Thanks to all who respond.

I am looking at building a straight pipe system for my 1995 toyota tercel. I know, I won’t get much out of it, but I just want the project. So, what diameter of exhaust pipe would be best?

Its a 2002 Nissan pathfinder. Hole in the exhaust pipe, went to a guy and he said it costs 800 bucks. I think that’s ridiculous just to fix it. Does it even come close to costing this much or is this guy trying to hustle me.
the whole thing i believe. my mistake

My exhaust pipe went last night and I have the weekend to wait until the garage can fit it in. In the meantime, is it against the law to carry on driving it. It doesn’t sound too noisy as long as I don’t accelerate hard, it’s a diesel, but smoke is coming out the back.

I have a 2003 dodge and the original owner had broken the exhaust pipe off while off roasting.

My question is, if I was try to and get a brand new exhaust pipe and, say, a flow master 10 series, how much would that cost?

Are there any other types of tips, such as a glass pack, that would give it a nice loud tone? How much would they be as well?


Is it legal in California to cut the exhaust pipe off before the muffler but after the cadillac converter? and what would the effects be of it on a 4.7L V8 tundra?

Which exhaust pipe would be better, in terms of performance, weight (I think it’s quite obvious) and durability. Is there actually any real difference in performance, in reference to the material used?

My 1994 car has a little visible exhaust pipe smoke. But only after the car is running awhile, like 15 minutes. When it’s first turned on there’s no smoke. Could it be coolant or is it oil for sure?

I have a ninja 650r with a non stock exhaust pipe. Recently Ive noticed that the pipe is touching the tire. I move the pipe over a little but when I turn on the bike it moves back. There is a loop on the top part of the pipe that I can wire something to. Or maybe I could do something else. I don’t want the fix to be trashy but I also dont want it to be super expensive. Any help is appreciated.

If you get run over, would it be possible for you to be stabbed somewhere on your body by the exhaust pipe at the back of the vehicle? I’ve never heard of this happening before, so was curious to know. Thank you to any answers in advance :)

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