Ford F-350 Fuel Pump Installation Instructions


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The Fuel Pump for the Ford F350 is connected to the fuel level sensor and rests within the fuel tank. All F350 fashions over the past decade include the pump firmly connected to this device. So installing a brand new gasoline pump means putting in an entire new fuel pump/level sensor accessory into the fuel tank after which connecting the tank into the truck. The tank might be on both facet of the rear axle. In case you have removed the old fuel pump, the F350 truck is ready for set up, with the rear facet raised on jack stands, the wheel removed, the tank disassembled and the gas system depressurized.

Ford F-350 Fuel Pump Installation Instructions

1. Make sure that your substitute fuel pump/fuel level sensor assembly is clear, particularly on the fuel inlet strainer, mounting flange and gasoline tank mounting surface. Until you might be utilizing a second-hand pump, this isn’t a problem. Place a brand new O-ring on the assembly, and hold it in place with a thin coat of heavy grease.
2. Set up the fuel pump/level sensor assembly into the fuel tank. Line up the pump with the latches that hold it in place throughout the tank. When the fuel pump is correctly aligned, it is going to snap into place.
3. Screw within the locking ring for the pump meeting to secure it in place. Tighten with a pair of channel lock pliers or a special lock ring tool you could purchase from an auto instrument supplier. You probably have a metal fuel tank, the pump is bolted into place. Tighten the bolts with a wrench.
4. Elevate the fuel tank into position within the truck, utilizing the manufacturer’s flooring jack. The truck itself should nonetheless be raised on jack stands with the close by rear wheel removed. Secure the tank to the chassis with its bolts and the tank straps if it makes use of them.
5. Connect the electrical connector on the pump meeting with a screwdriver. Connect all the gasoline and EVAP traces to the tank utilizing their fast-connect couplings. Push the two couplings collectively till they lock or click on into place. Apply a dab of motor oil to any O-rings on the coupling. Press any locking tabs into their locked position.
6. Install the skid plate on the tank and safe its mounting nuts with the wrench. Decrease and remove the ground jack holding the tank in place.
7. Attach the wheel back on the truck using the inventory tire iron or one among your own, and lower the truck. Connect the cable to the negative battery terminal.
8. Fill the tank with not less than 5 gallons of fuel and pressurize the fuel system. With the Fuel Pump relay and fuse related and the gas cap on, turn the ignition on for 2 seconds. Switch it off and leave it off for 10 seconds before switching it on again. Repeat this five to 10 times.

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