Ford Escape Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions


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The Ford Escape has turn out to be among the finest-selling, small sport-utility automobiles in America because of its low value and environment friendly design. The SUV’s towing capability implies that it might probably tow heavy masses by treacherous terrain. You may connect a trailer hitch to your Escape in your driveway or garage after you purchase a package and collect some tools.

Ford Escape Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions

1. Raise the automobile with a jack and securely place assist stands earlier than you start working beneath the car. Lower the exhaust pipe by disconnecting the rubber hangers that hold it in place.
2. Pull the bolts from the set up kit that is included with your trailer hitch by means of the frame on both sides of the vehicle. Run a bolt leader by the bolt hole and out the entry gap, then attach the bolt by screwing on the washer, and pull the leader back through till the bolt rests inside the bolt hole.
3. Install the hitch utilizing the 2 bolts first, with help from one other person. Tighten the bolts in order that the hitch is aligned with the opposite bolt holes. Pull the remainder of the bolts via the frame and screw them into the hitch. Do this on each sides. With the last couple of bolts, you could have to move the hitch slightly as a result of the holes won’t be lined up exactly. Wiggle the hitch to align the holes so you’ll be able to slide the bolt through. Tighten each bolt.
4. Replace the rubber hangers and reconnect the exhaust pipe to the frame. Decrease the automobile from the assist stands.

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A big chunk of my tail pipe fell off my 94 Cougar XR7, leaving an exhaust pipe diameter hole. I need the best and cheapest way to do this. I am starting to notice the slightest smell of exhaust as it warms up and while I’m driving.

I have a XG-470 gas scooter but the stock exhaust is very noisy. Does anyone know where i can get a silencer pipe for it?

My Jeep has a dented exhaust pipe just below the manifold connection. It looks that this restricts the pipe by about 33%.

I can’t afford a replacement right now. Is it worth while to cut out the dented section and use a short section of pipe clamped on to patch it or use one of the “exhaust pipe bandage” type repair kits?

There is white smoke n little bit of water coming out of the exhaust pipe. It only does this when I first start it for the day. There is no white smoke when I’m driving the car. I did a OBD scan n got code p0125. What is causing this problem? What to check? I check the oil dip stick in there’s no water in there. The oil isn’t milky gray or got bubbles.

A week ago i burn myself on a motorcycle exhaust pipe. Now the blisters are gone and the burned dead skin is slowly peeling away. I am african american so its leaving a pink area on my leg. How long will it take to get back to its normal complexion? Are there any recommended products to help with this?

I have about a two year old subaru liberty and this orange rust is starting to form on the inside of exhaust pipe. Whats the best way to remove this?

The gasket is leaking at the connection of the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe on my 93 GMC Sonoma. I removed one bolt but cant loosen the other. I tried extentions and a flex joint socket from underneith but cant seem to get the right angel to remove the bolt.

My 2000 Protege starts on the first self and I dont think it needs any tuning. But what is causing its exhaust pipe 2 remain dry??

*My dad’s Malibu does drip water from its exhaust.

Thnx in advance.

I was wondering if any one knew what the trailer hitch rating is for a 1995 grand jeep cherokee. I ask this because I am looking into using one of those hitch mount motorcycle carriers. I tried looking it up but couldn’t find it. Thanks.

Could it mean my exhaust pipe is broken somewhere?

I own a 52 Reg Vauxhall Corsa, no unusual smoke is coming from the exhaust but there is just this vibrating metal sound coming from it, especially when I reverse, go over a bump or am at a stand still.

I am getting exhaust fumes where the exhaust pipe meets the catalytic converter. Would this usually just mean a broken seal? And any idea how much this would cost?

Hello, i designed and im making a motorcycle exhaust pipe, its like mega phone type pipe that slips onto already existing exhaust systems after removing a part from stock exhaust system. So its like an end peice slip on mega phone type exhaust for motorcycles. Is it possible to design patent my exhaust pipe that i make for motorcycles?

My group and I are doing research on how we can improve an exhaust pipe, so that it will release less harmful pollutants. We need background information about the history of “exhaust pipes”. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Does anyone know about how much it might cost to have an exhaust pipe replaced? Would a muffler shop charge less?

My 1994 car has a little visible exhaust pipe smoke. But only after the car is running awhile, like 15 minutes. When it’s first turned on there’s no smoke. Could it be coolant or is it oil for sure?

I have a 1989 CR125 two stroke. My exhaust pipe has what I assume is a metal skid plate on the exhaust. It is riveted into the exhaust and all the rivets have fallen out allowing exhaust to come out of about 4 or 5 holes. The holes are located on the bottom of the pipe right as it comes out of the head to go toward the back of the bike.

Will this effect performance?
How can I seal the holes permanently?
I can’t, I don’t have a machine for it and I don’t know how.

My muffler is GONE, been gone for awhile and now my exhaust pipe is dangling by a thread. What happens if I keep driving around like that? What can it do to the car? Is a muffler even necessary if the car isn’t that loud without it?

The exhaust on my truck fell off the other day due to rust. The rear part of the muffler broke apart just before the actual piping. With nothing supporting the rest of the pipe, the weight of the muffler ripped the pipe off the catalytic converter.

How does the pipe attach to the catalytic converter? There’s no clamp of any kind that I can see, so that means its probably welded or pressure fitted right? Money is tight and I don’t think I can afford a new exhaust system. I figure I could just buy a cheap muffler and re-use the existing pipe and clamps.

So back to the original question…

How does a catalytic converter attach to the exhaust pipe? Also, what would a shop charge me for reattaching this? (if it comes down to that)

If you get run over, would it be possible for you to be stabbed somewhere on your body by the exhaust pipe at the back of the vehicle? I’ve never heard of this happening before, so was curious to know. Thank you to any answers in advance :)

Which exhaust pipe would be better, in terms of performance, weight (I think it’s quite obvious) and durability. Is there actually any real difference in performance, in reference to the material used?

On cars with a single exhaust, I’ve noticed that the exhaust pipe seems to be on the opposite side from the gas cap. Is my impression correct? What is the reason? Thanks to all who respond.

Last year, I bought a 2001 z24 Chevy Cavalier. The previous owner had a ridiculous exhaust pipe on my car, that makes it very loud when I’m driving. I’m looking to buy a stock exhaust so it’s not as loud. I figured I’d save some money if I purchased the part myself before bringing it to the shop. How much (roughly) would I be spending on the part itself and labor to replace it?

I recently put some HardChrome saddle bags on my M50, and the right side bag was touching the exhaust pipe, and it melted onto the pipe. ( I know, I know, dumbass thing to do ). The bag wasn’t melted all the way through, so it should be alright, and I was able to shave the bulk of the melted material off, but there is still an 8 inch strip that I didn’t touch for fear of scratching the pipe. Any ideas?

Can a leaking exhaust pipe cause more fuel loss in cars? Can it also cause a reduction in speed, and a reduction in efficiency? If so, then why? 10 points will be awarded.
ONLY professional answers needed.


Whats up home-slices,

I have a question please. Thanks for the help.

i have a 95 caprice . the exhaust pipe from the cat to the muffler is 2 1/4 diameter which is the stock size from what the shop manual said. BUT are they referring to in inside or outisde diameter?.

if its the outisde diam what would the inside diam be?
or if its the iniside> what would the outisde be?

Hi all,

I want to know the effects that a broken/cracked exhaust pipe of a car has on the engine apart from the big noises and pops. Does if cause some kind of damage to the engine system?

Thanks for ur answers
Following your very informative answers, apart the first one from booge :) I would like to add these details to my question.

My car is a RENAULT 19 Chamade year 1994 with a semi injection engine and running on GPL. The crack on the exhaust tube is located at the back side and no fumes gets into the car. The solution that someone provided somewhere below about using worm clamps is very interesting. Keep adding.

Thank u all

I have a 2001 Ford Expedition with about 125,000 miles. When I start the car, a cloud of white smoke come out of the exhaust pipe. I checked the oil and it is low, despite the oil being filled-up about two weeks ago. What could be the problem, and the associated cost?

I need to cut through an exhaust pipe under my car. I can’t find my hack saw and I am wondering if there is any other way to cut it.

Hey guys I bought a new chrome muffler to replace my stock muffler on my 99 Saturn SL2 and it looks like it won’t fit onto the existing exhaust pipe. I was thinking of getting it professionally done b/c i heard it was somewhat low price (like 50-60 bucks?) but then again my dad told me he had to get it done for my other saturn for 200.

Anyone know what’s best to do? Thanks

I drive a ’95 bronco and about month ago my truck overheated, after I started noticing large amounts of white smoke come out of the exhaust pipe when I started up my car. It continues to smoke bad for about a mile then after its fine. I have no idea what’s wrong with it and it’s an embarrassment everytime I start my car up!

“A tank has a supply pipe and an exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe takes 5 mins longer to empty the tank than for the supply pipe to fill it. If both are open, it takes the supply pipe 30 mins to fill the tank. Find how long it takes the supply pipe to fill the tank when the exhaust pipe is closed.”

I have a 2003 dodge and the original owner had broken the exhaust pipe off while off roasting.

My question is, if I was try to and get a brand new exhaust pipe and, say, a flow master 10 series, how much would that cost?

Are there any other types of tips, such as a glass pack, that would give it a nice loud tone? How much would they be as well?


Out of no where the car started smoking from the hood and exhaust pipe. Then the check engine light came on. The car was smoking for about 30 minutes after it died. The car doesn’t start and had to get it towed. That’s wrong with his baby?

Have a 1996 eclipse rs. I bought some headers that came with it’s matching exhaust pipe. How much do you think a mechanic will charge me to instal it. It’s looks pretty simple, yet the details on the header suggests a professional do it

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