Ford Escape Stereo/Radio Installation Instructions


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The Ford Escape comes with a factory installed AM/FM radio/stereo. Standard choices for the Ford Escape include multi-disc CD changers, Mp3 capable stereos, satellite radio and DVD navigation units. Still, Escape homeowners might find a higher solution for their car audio needs in an aftermarket stereo/radio. Once you’ve got eliminated the factory stereo from the Ford Escape, installation of an aftermarket system is a job that even a automotive audio novice can carry out easily.

Ford Escape Stereo/Radio

radio1. Disconnect the damaging battery cable from the adverse battery terminal. Loosen the bolt on the cable’s clamp with the 10 mm wrench, take away the cable from the detrimental lead publish, and relaxation the cable away from the battery.
2. Connect the stereo wiring, within the now vacant stereo/radio mounting dock, to a wiring harness adapter. The wiring harness adapter will probably be labeled to illustrate where you’re to make the suitable connections.
3. Slide the Ford radio put in kit faceplate adapter into the stereo mounting dock. Feed the wiring harness adapter by to the front of the faceplate adapter.
4. Connect the leads of the wiring harness adapter to the retailers on the again of the aftermarket stereo/radio. Slide the aftermarket stereo into the opening offered by the Ford faceplate adapter.
5. Place the negative battery cable clamp across the detrimental lead put up of the Ford battery. Tighten the bolt on the clamp with the ten mm wrench so that the clamp can not move freely in regards to the lead post.

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I Need To Remove The Factory Stereo From my 2000 Chrysler town & Country….and i dont wanna pay someone to have it done….how do i remove it to put a new system in? any websites r anything that i can go to that will show me!?!

Okay a LOT of research has gone into this but I can’t seem to find my answer yet, is it possible? I heard and saw that you need a sound processor Like the JL audio cleansweep. I want to hook up the amp to the factory stereo( non Sony with sync). I will also install an epicenter. Can I do it, if so how?

I want to do this on my own

The 2006 Acura TSX has an aux input, but you can’t actually control the ipod with the factory stereo. Is there a way of doing this using a part from Acura/Honda, like the kit that newer Civics have?

Installing amp and wondering if the factory stereo will have RCA cable slots for L and R ( left and right). Thanks for answers.

I cannot figure out how to remove the facia around the factory stereo without breaking something.

I would like to replace my factory stereo with something else but I don’t want to lose my steering wheel controls for the volume and tuning. Kinda handy!

Is the sound quality good when connecting with the aux jack? I have the factory stereo, can that be used? If not, what is the best brand for a cd player for me to use so that I can hear my ipod through the car speakers? I have a 1999 grand am se. Thanks

I have a 92 Audi 100 Quattro CS with a Bose sound system.

I want to know how to take out the factory stereo because I do not have those one things to pull it out. My back speakers are not working and my passenger speaker is not working. Which leaves me with just one speaker the driver side.

I think its the head unit so I want to replace it.

I burned 2 disks and they will not play in my factory car stereo. When I put the disks on my computer it plays fine and displays the songs that I burned to the disk.
It may be something that I did wrong. If you have any suggestions it would help! Do I need a cd-rw disk?

I have a 93 honda accord and the stereo was stolen. I have a honda factory stereo out of a 2000(ish) accord. The adapter inside the car does not fit into the back of the stereo. How do I get an adapter that fits?

I have a 03 civic with and aux button but no would i go about adding one or is it easier to remove factory stereo with new radio that ha one installed..either way is how!

Im trying to add an amp to my factory stereo on my 04 extended cab silverado, (does not have a bose system) and I cant find where to connect my ignnition cable to my amp. Does anyone know where I can get that? I already have the rca outputs from stereo. Thank you.

How do they make factory stereos sound so good in newer cars and trucks ? Does anyone know amps or crossovers are included in stereos in these newer cars ? Just wondering because it seems like in my cobalt the factory stereo sounds so good almost like a stereo that has low and high pass crossovers. The sound is too clean and crisp to just be a cheap radio and speakers like most cars have.

I have a mono amp that comes with an RCA-input (in case you want to run your amp off a factory stereo instead of an aftermarket one). Is it possible to run that RCA-input cable from the amplifier to off the back 2 speakers (right and left) instead of running it all the way up to the factory stereo?

I still have a factory stereo head unit in my 2004 chevrolet silverado, but some of the pins came out of the connector in the factory harness. Is there a way to repair these pins or do i need to buy a whole new connector?

I replaced the factory stereo with an aftermarket one. after doing so, I find out that the keyless entry only works with the factory stereo installed. is there any way to get around this and still keep the aftermarket stereo installed?

We took the factory stereo out and put a new one in, since then we have no sound, one place said that it was either the factory amp or the wiring in the car. Can you just buy another amp or do you have to have the factory amp? A new amp is like 260.00 and for new wiring in the explorer its like 200 can anyone shed some light on this subject for me?

I need to remove the factory stereo to put in a cd player, but I can’t get the dash off.

It came with a single din factory stereo with this tray I can’t figure out how to get out above it.

I’m replacing the factory stereo of the 1993 Jeep Cherokee(not grand) and I cant find out how to remove the faceplate bezel on the dash. Can somebody help me?

I have a 94 mazda mx6 and i would liek to take out the factory stereo but i cant get it out. can someone please tell me step by step how to take it out. thx

I have a chevy 2007 2500HD crew cab the new style chevy’s and I really like the factory stereo. So would my 10″ Kicker CVR sound good with the factory stereo?

I wanna add subs in my truck but I don’t want to change out the factory stereo is there any way to do this without getting an aftermarket deck? I’ve heard of an RCA adapter were can I get one of these for my make and model? 2009 dodge ram 1500 slt with the mp3 Sirius uconnect stereo

I was wanting to know how do you remove a stock factory stereo from a 2002 Ford Explorer.

It does not have any holes for a removal key..

I cannot find the four clips that take the panel off where are they?

The factory stereo fitted is the RCD 210. Does the RCD 310 or RCD 510 have aux outputs for subwoofers?

I have an after-market stereo that I know how to put in once the factory stereo is removed. I just can’t find anything on the web, any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

I removed my factory stereo to install USA Spec PA15-TOY, but now my cd player will not accept any disk. The PA15-TOY works great! I just can’t listen to cd’s now. When I was removing the factory stereo I accidentally pulled out the face place. I had a cd already in the stereo at the time, and it would not come out. I had to manually remove this cd, and now it will not accept any cd’s. Any help please.

Does anyone know how I can take out the factory stereo in my 1999 Mercury Sable?
The whole center piece; the stereo and the heater/a.c. knobs are all one piece.
Is it even possible for me to take it out, and install a CD player?

So i have a 2004 Gmc envoy xl and im getting 2 kenwood subs soon and I am keeping my factory stereo in, Im purchasing an amp and subs so i was wondering if anyone knew what i would need, an adapter or some sort?? i have all the wires and what not ive just never hooked it up to a factory stereo.
The factory stereo system sounds fine right now, all i want to add is bass to the truck so, thats why im not replacing the head unit yet, Im going back to college in two weeks so I dont want to spend a heck load of money right now
oh and i do not have the bose system

I own a 1999 chevy blazer, I want to change my factory stereo to a a new one. But the problem is, there is a stereo and a cassete player, if I install the new head unit will the cassete player still work? Because the cassete player is separate from the factory stereo.
If anybody knows if it is possible to make the new stereo and the old cassete player both work, please tell me.

I need to remove the factory stereo to put in a cd player, but I can’t get the dash off.

It isn’t a factory stereo, am I going to have to take off the dash to get to the back of the radio?

I dont know how to hook up my PDX1-1000 watt amp and JL Audio 12W7 sub to my factory stereo. I can do it with an aftermarket stereo but not this. I had this in my other car but for now I’m keeping the factory Bose stereo system. Thanks alot.

I have a 1997 Chevy Lumina. I just replaced the factory stereo with an aftermarket one. But now, I’m having issues with the keyless entry. It still works but not very well. I have to hit the button on the remote a bunch of times to get it to lock or unlock. Any ideas?

I’m trying to connect my subwoofers to my non-factory stereo and having problems removing the dash. Someone mentioned a website where I could download a manual displaying how to remove it. Is this true?

What is tha code for a factory stereo in a 2002 Honda accord?

I have a ’00 subaru outback and I want to replace the factory stereo system with a new one. I want a new deck and 4 new door speakers. How much should I expect to pay for both of those and the installation fee? Thanks

I got a after market radio put in my car because the factory radio would cut on and off by its self even with the car off. We took out the fuse to make sure it wouldn’t run down the battery, now since we put the other radio in and put a fuse in the factory radio is still coming on we are trying to turn the power off of the factory stereo

how do i remove the factory stereo from my 2004 nissan frontier?

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