Ford Contour Starter Installation Instructions


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The starter in a Ford Contour needs the battery to send it sufficient electrical amps to start out the engine. Oftentimes, when a Contour doesn’t begin, the battery is suspect. When the starter begins to fail, it might begin intermittently or by no means, rendering the automotive compromised or ineffective until it is replaced. It can save you some money on labor costs by installing the starter in your Ford Contour yourself.

Ford Contour Starter Installation

1. Park the Ford Contour on a paved, level surface. Apply the parking brake and launch the hood latch.
2. Place a wheel chock behind one of many rear tires, then open the hood.
3. Take away the destructive battery terminal from the battery publish using a hand wrench. Isolate the terminal end so it can not come again into contact with the battery submit in the course of the procedure.
4. Remove the air consumption resonators and the air field assembly to entry the upper starter mounting bolts.
5. Remove the three upper starter mounting bolts utilizing a metric flex-head ratcheting wrench.
6. Raise the left entrance quarter of the Contour with the floor jack, and place a jack stand beneath the left entrance body rail. Repeat this for the correct facet to elevate the entrance axle.
7. Placed on the security glasses, grab the new starter and the ratchet and socket set and crawl beneath the Contour (on a creeper when you have one and there is sufficient room).
8. Take away the nuts from the starter terminals, after which remove the cables from the starter terminals.
9. Remove the 2 lower starter mounting bolts utilizing the ratchet and socket set. Take away the starter.
10. Set up the brand new starter, and change the two decrease mounting bolts and tighten them. Change the cables onto the terminals of the new starter, replace the nuts and tighten them.
11. Take away the tools and old starter, and crawl out from beneath the Contour. Decrease the Contour to the ground.
12. Install the higher starter mounting nuts and tighten them.
13. Substitute the air field assembly and air consumption resonators.
14. Reconnect the negative battery terminal to the negative battery post and tighten.
15. Remove the wheel chock and test start the Ford Contour.

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im trying to find any ideas of what upgrades i can do for my 1998 ford contour se 2.0l engine, and where i can find them, both engine and looks plz help thank you!

i went to start my 1999 ford contour sport, manual transmission, pushed the clutch all the way down and no noise. Lights work, I jump started it and ran just fine, just cant get started. Could it be a clutch or starter etc? Help!!

I have a 1996 Ford Contour that makes a clunk when you turn the wheel to the right, and also shakes at 40mph. Does it sound like a CV joint, Tie Rod, Tie Rod End, or any other ideas? A transmission shop said it could need a transmission, but I think they’re just jerking me around! Any help would be appreciated

Aside from the one recommended by Ford itself, what other brand of engine coolant can I use for Ford Contour 1995 that is sold in Canadian Tire or other auto shops?

When I first bought my 1994 ford contour, the timing belt, and pulley broke in it. Well I got it fixed, and its been a couple months since then, and its starting to make the noises that it was making before it broke last time. Why would this be happening?

I have ford contour GL 1995 model car, when i am trying to start car it cranks but it not starting, after several try it started, I want to know why it is happening? any thing i need to replace to correct this issue.

Can you jump the plug inside the vehicle and read the lights off dash on a ford contour?

I have a 98 Ford Contour SE Zetec 2.0 engine. 100k miles and automatic transmission, not sure what transmission it is. I was just thinking about changing the filter and gasket after a fluid flush.


I have a 98 Ford Contour and the check engine light has came on and I took it and had a free diagnostic check and it came back with the code P1131 “manufacturer control fuel air metering”.. Does anyone know exactly what I need to have fixed??

This is just a random question but I was wondering how much would it cost to replace a timing chain on a 1999 Ford Contour?? Is it expensive and what is everything involved with replacing it (difficulty, etc)??

I just got a bi-fuel (CNG/Gasoline) 1998 Ford Contour and there was no manual for how to operate the CNG functions. I want to make sure I understand how everything works with it to avoid messing something up. Does anyone know where I can find a manual for this? It was a city vehicle so I think it’s just the base model, if that helps.

Its a 1999 ford contour 4 Cyl Automatic.. I have to replace the tranny. Anyway I cant seem to get access to the fly wheel to remove the bolts that are hold the fly wheel to the torque converter. I removed the starter but I cant seem to have enough access to get to those bolts.. Any ideas?

Where is the part # on a ford 1999 ford contour transmission found at?

I have a 1998 ford contour and I cannot get power to my audio amplifier when I ground it in the trunk. I solved the problem by grounding straight to the battery but that cuases alot of feedback when the brakes are applied, shifting gears, turning on headlights, etc. I have installed allot of amps but I just can’t find a ground that works in this car. please help. I have been told by friends that the car has a flaoting ground But I don’t know if there right. What should I do

I know that new cars do not have a distributor cap but I do not know about a V6 1999 Ford Contour SE. I am looking to adust the cap to change the timing so I can move the car and have the chain replaced without having to tow it.

Ford Crown Victoria specs:
V8 4.6 litter
(body and frame completely trashed but engine works great)

Ford Contour specs:
Has transmission in it still but engine is gone. Could I use the transmission already in there with the Crown Victoria engine?
(body in near perfect shape)

and I’d assume the Contour will really fly because its so light with a such powerful engine if swap is possible?

How many tons does a 97 ford contour weigh and if its 192 per ton where im selling it too how much would i get back

We think it may be a pulley, but not sure. Has anyone else had this problem with there 2000 Ford Contour. Please Help!

Ok i just bought a 1997 ford contour and everything is fine just one thing: when i accelerate the car vibrates is it a loose connection somewhere or can someone explain?
it does the shuddering when it is stationary too.

I need this information to buy Ring for my FORD Contour 1997, 2.0L 4cyl. engine.

Does anyone know a good website or can explain what it takes to change a water pump on a 1997 Ford Contour?

It is a 1998 ford contour and it runs smooth i drove it. The only thing wrong with it is its dash light needs rewired and it needs better breaks but the person im buying from is going to replace them for me, and they dropped the price down to 800.00 now. is this good deal?
sorry i ment 100,000 miles not 100,00…

I’m trying to buy a used car – someone is selling a 1998 Ford Contour with 145,000 miles on it. He says he’s maintained it well, but do Fords have a long shelf life, and is this car likely to die soon regardless of how well it’s been taken car of?

My mechanic is having trouble getting a new catalytic converter for my Ford Contour, so I’m looking to buy one online.

I know it’s the Bank 1 Catalytic converter on the rear right hand side.

I need some advice on where I should be looking and what exactly I need to buy. Thanks!
It’s a ’98 Ford Contour

I have a 1997 Ford Contour Sport and the transmission on it is shot. I found some similar cars on Craigslist but they are not exactly the same. I found a car that is the same year but has a 2 L engine in it. I was wondering if the cars have the same transmission in them? This way I could take the tranny out of the car on craigslist and put it in my car.

I have a 1995 Ford Contour that dies when I come to a stop sign or slow down. It is a five speed so I can just pop the clutch or restart it and it starts right back up. It doesn’t always do it but the majority of the time! Any ideas?

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