Ford Contour Catalytic Converter Installation Instructions


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This isn’t to say that a backyard mechanic could not efficiently set up a new catalytic converter laying on his back beneath a Ford Contour. It is not going to be fun or pretty. There are completely different designs within the Ford Contour and totally different motors. Every sort will dictate where the catalytic converter is situated and decide the degree of problem to take away and change the outdated one. Some Contours have a couple of converter so assuming which kind your car is and what it wants will likely be up to you.

Ford Contour Catalytic Converter Installation Instructions

1. Raise the Contour on a lift all the way in which to the top. Load all of the tools and new converter into the device tray and produce it over close to you, but maintain it out of the way. Placed on the safety glasses and locate the catalytic converter and decide what you’re going to need and the place you’re going to start.
2. Start with the entrance of the catalytic converter, closest to the motor. Whether it is connected to the manifold, arrange the pneumatic gun, extension, swivel, and the correct sized socket earlier than lighting the torch. Be certain the gun is ready to reverse.
3. Mild the torch and warmth up the manifold stud nuts and when they’re cherry purple, flip off the torch, put the gun and socket on the nut and remove it. Repeat this for all of the remaining nuts. If the converter is flanged to a front pipe and never the manifold, gentle the torch and cut the nuts and bolts out of the flange to separate the connection.
4. Minimize the rear bolts of the catalytic converter flange connection to the center exhaust pipe with the torch. Once more, cutting the bolts from the converter side of the flange connection. Reduce the bolts flush or inverted into the flange and turn the torch off. You will be able to knock the remaining bolt by means of the rest of the flange reference to a hammer and punch if it is lower correctly.
5. Take away the previous catalytic converter and install the new one. Once more, begin from the entrance of the Contour to connect the catalytic converter and work your way back. It is perhaps wise to allow the exhaust components heated up by the torch to chill down before proceeding. If the catalytic converter attached to the manifold place it up onto the studs with the gasket in between and thread on the new manifold stud nuts hand tight. Then re-tighten with the pneumatic gun, swivel, and socket. If it flange related to a front pipe, place the gasket between the flanges and substitute the hardware.
6. Bolt and flat washer on one facet of the flange connection and lockwasher and nut on the opposite side. Tighten the nuts to the bolts with the gun and socket on the nut finish and maintain the bolt head with a hand wrench.
7. Connect the rear flange connection of the catalytic converter to the middle exhaust pipe flange and substitute the hardware in the same manner and tighten. If the outlet of the converter is clamp related to the center pipe, you may need to develop the center pipe (or catalytic converter relying on whether or not it match over or into the pipe) with a pipe expander
8. Substitute the clamp and tighten with the gun and a socket. Once the catalytic converter is connected and tightened on both ends, it might be clever to decrease the vehicle on the carry, start it up, and raise it back up just to check for any possible leaks coming from the flange or clamp connections.

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I need to replace my catalytic converter in my 1996 Ford Contour. I would like to buy one and bring to a friend of mine that is a mechanic. How long should this process take?

I have a 1998 Chevy S10, and it’s been making a rattling noise for some time. I’ve been told this is the catalytic converter,so I was wondering, what causes it to make this noise?
Thank you everyone for your answers!

Can anyone explain how a catalytic converter works on a car?, in detail if you can plz

I have a 2004 Jeep Cherokee Ltd Edition and it needs a new catalytic converter. Does that affect the gas mileage? I am planning to have it repaired this week. Will driving it in the meantime cause any damage?

My car is running sluggish and its as if there is no power in it. Normally my car will get up and go (manual). My check engine light is and has been on for some time. I had a mechanic hook a computer up to my car the the code came out saying my catalytic converter is bad or somthing.
And currently i dont have the money to replace mine in my car if it is the case. Is there any temp fixes that will buy me some time?

Im looking to get a new catalytic converter from the stock one that comes with a 1990 GMC Sierra but i dont really know much about what to look for in them… What are some good brands, and maybe even models that will work with 50 state legal?

I just recently had my catalytic converter changed and less then a week after it was replaced the check engine light went on in my 1996 Honda Accord. I brought the car back to the mechanic and they told me that the 02 sensors need to be replaced. I was wondering if it is likely that the 02 sensors failed because of their faulty work in the replacement of the CAT, or is it more likely that the CAT needed to be replaced because the O2 sensors were bad?
Also does anyone have any idea what it should cost to replace the O2 sensors on a 96 Honda Accord?
Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide

I have a 2001 Volkswagen Passat and took it into the dealership to get it looked at. Among other things they said that I needed to get my Catalytic converter fixed because it was clogged. They also needed to fix the O2 sensors or something? They said that it would costs $2200 to fix. I’m not good with cars but this seems really steep? Should I take it somewhere else or just pay it?

I have an 87 Jeep Wrangler. The last time I took it for inspection, it didn’t pass emissions. The mechanic said he had to make some adjustments to get it to pass. My suspension for it not passing is a bad catalytic converter. My other reasons for suspecting this is that the exhaust always smells and it can’t maintain a constant idol speed. Should I just get a new catalytic converter?

I have a 92 bmw 325is and I want to put performance headers on my car. I wanted to know if I had to upgrade my catalytic converter. I plan to put a cat back exhaust on as well. Tell me what you think.

Well I think it is the catalytic converter, my 2.2 liter Camry is an extremely loud car and the noise is coming from the front. Any idea on how much it’s going cost fixing it at the shop? Is this possible to fix by myself?

Hello i need to replace my Bank 2 1 sensor on my truck they said it was on right side before the catalytic converter.Where i can locate this and can i do it by myself to replace this?Once it replace will the engine light will be off once it replaced?Pls help

How do you gut a catalytic converter and is this legal? Or would you have to either get or new converter or can you put these parts back into it for inspection?

Other than bad catalytic converter, the car is in top condition. Head gasket etc all replaced.
I’ve just had head gasket replaced and all the parts associated with it.
Another thing that could be helpful is that my car does not idle at the right revs. it’s either too high, or too low.

My check engine light is on and at 79,600miles the mechanic said I need to replace the catalytic converter and O2 sensors in my civic. I feel like this should not be breaking on my car already. I have only had it 8 months and the quote to fix it is really expensive.

My catalytic converter on my 2000 chevy impala is rusted to bits and i cant afford a new one. How can i just put in straight pipe without messing up the system?

I have an 02 passat 4 cyl. 1.8l T that did not pass deq beacause the Catalytic Converter is bad. what does that cost to fix and were can i get that done?
the deq guy said that my check engine light is burnt out how do i fix this problem and could that have caused my car to fail and show a problem in the catalytic converter?

I need to replace the catalytic converter and I called 2 car dealers and both say it goes together with the exhaust and it’ll cost about $400 to replace it all. It seems excessive. Is it possible to just get the convert separately at a lower price? I see some other converters online and other places that seem to have it around $200 but they’re universal and I guess cheaper and low-quality.

What do you car experts suggest?

I got a p0137 code from a scan performed on my ’98 honda civic, meaning I have a bad secondary o2 sensor. I am afraid that the catalytic converter might be bad and burn out the new sensor I will put in. These o2 sensors are not cheap.Does anybody have any experience in this matter?

I have a 1997 base 3.8 Camaro and Im looking to put some sort of aftermarket exhaust system in it to give it better sound and more horse power. I don’t have a catalytic converter in it and I’m wondering if i need one to have the exhaust put in? Thanks.

I have had the catalytic converter change out twice within 10 month period. The check engine light come on again about two weeks ago. I took it to the mechanic and he mentioned that it was catalytic converter. Is it possible for them to go out that quick. Can somebody help?

I have removed the catalytic converter from my truck and get a lot more power but now I am getting a check engine light that says my system is running lean. How can I correct this problem?

Can anyone tell me where the catalytic converter is on the 2001 Honda Civic LX sedan? Really need help here. Thanks!

I have a 1993 Nissan Sentra with 181,000 miles. I need to know the least expensive way to treat the catalytic converter. I don’t want to install a new one if I can get away with a short-term solution. The car really isn’t worth a $500 or $600 trip to the mechanic to have it replaced.

My check engine light came on the other day. Turned out to be from some sensor having to do with the catalytic converter. The Toyota dealer ran some tests and says I need a new one. They want $1600 to replace it. I couldn’t believe it. Is this a reasonable price?

My car had 97K miles when the catalytic converter broke. I’m wondering whether it should have been covered by warranty, even though the dealer said it was not. THANKS!

I recently took my jimmy to the shop for a diagnostic and was told i have a bad catalytic converter. How much do the repairs at a shop usually run?

I have a 1984 Chevy Camaro z28. If I were to replace my catalytic converter with, say, a Flowmaster super 40 and then just dump it right in front of the rear axle, would this be a smart idea? Would it still run fine and sound good? Would there be any compression issues or anything without the cat and half as much pipe? Would it be okay to use clamps again like it came with, or should it be welded by a professional? Any other suggestions on cheap exhaust modifications to really improve sound and performance? Any suggestions on a different kind of muffler? Should I get the 2.25″ in and a bigger out on the muffler, like 3″ out? Thanks a ton! I don’t know much about exhaust and would like some of you gear heads to give me some suggestions.

I had my catalytic converter replaced a year and a half ago. i just took my car in to a mechanic to find out why my check engine light was on. He said that my catalytic converter needs to be replaced. My warranty was up after 12 months so I can’t take it back to the original mechanic. How long should a Catalyst converter last and if it is breaking prematurely then what could be the cause?

I am trading in my car and the check engine light is on because I need a new catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. If I disconnect the battery and clear the code, how far do you think I will be able to drive without the light reappearing?

I bought a car from a car lot but hadn’t even taken it off the lot when I noticed the catalytic converter wasn’t there. I tried to get my money back since the car never left the lot but the owner wasn’t there. I still have not heard back from him but the car is still at his lot.
It is a 99 Cavalier.

I bought a 1997 Eclipse Turbo that does not have a catalytic converter. Do I need to install one. I have some white smoke coming from the tail pipes. Is this the reason? Head gasket is fine, no oil leaks. Thanks
I can smell the smoke inside the car, especially when stopped. Would replacing the turbo bearings stop this?

I had my catalytic converter replaced a year and a half ago. i just took my car in to a mechanic to find out why my check engine light was on. He said that my catalytic converter needs to be replaced. My warranty was up after 12 months so I can’t take it back to the original mechanic. How long should a Catalyst converter last and if it is breaking prematurely then what could be the cause?

It seems that cars made in the mid 20th century used leaded gas, and nowadays you need to add a lead substitute for the engine to properly run. But how could these cars pass a smog test since they have no catalytic converter? If they don’t pass, then it would be illegal to drive them.

i want to buy this honda but it needs a catalytic converter, and it has 214 miles… how much should i pay?

its automatic and is priced at 2000
214000 miles
he has it priced for 2000 how much should i offer?? im going to take it to good year and get a full diagnostic also to make sure only the converter is bad but im not sure how much i should offer.


I have a Subaru Legacy 96, so i do not need emmisions. My Catalytic has a crack and its clogged up. My mechanic says he can replace the Catalytic Converter with a pipe, because its an old car and you dont need emissions anymore. When he replaces my cat, can i take it as a junk part and scrap it? Or does he get to keep it???? That would jsut seem downright wrong.

Other than the computer throwing a code, is there any way for you to tell if your catalytic converter is bad? The guy at the muffler shop told me that my catalytic converter is what caused too much back pressure and made my flex pipe after my exhaust manifold go bad on my truck and I want to make sure that I’m not being taken before I just go ahead and replace it. Thanks in advance!

I have an Extended Warranty from Nissan (100K miles “bumper to bumper”). It says that it covers everything unless the part/system is listed under the “What is Excluded” section.

I have been told that I need a new catalytic converter. That part is not specifically excluded from extended warranty coverage, but the exhaust system is.

So my question is, does the exclusion of the exhaust system mean that the converter is also excluded ?

The catalytic converter on my 2001 Toyota Camry needs to be replaced. The mechanic told me that the catalytic converter and exhaust manifold are all one piece and can’t be changed out separately on Camrys. Is this true? Or can the catalytic converter actually be replaced independent of the manifold?
The Camry is a 4 cylinder.

my mom has a cadillac esv and her catalytic converter went out. what will happen? how long do i have to fix it? and will it hurt the car even more to drive while its broken?

I have a ’65 Mustang (for over 15 years) that is driven occassionally when necessary. When it comes time for yearly inspection I get a free ride from the emmisions test that most other cars are subjected to. Can a catalytic converter be installed or is there something about it that affects the overall operability of older car engines.

I need a catalytic converter for a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. My car is from California so it requires a specialty part, something to do with the emmissions in Cali. I can’t find anything online. I even called Pontiac and according to them my only option is through the dealer, and they quote 700.00 bucks. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?

my catalytic converter is clogged, can i repair it or do i need to replace it?
MICHEAL B, where can I find this converter cleaner? what is it called?. Also if I were to take something and ram it up the cat and break the inside, could it fail inspection in virginia if they somehow new i did that?

It didn’t pass inspection. It has 70k miles (or so the odometer says) and doesn’t look so good cosmetically? Is it not worth the $400 or so to replace the catalytic converter. I don’t have a lot of money, and would rather not if the car is a piece of crap anyway.

I have a 05′ Dodge Ram with the 5.7 HEMI, and was wondering if I could take the catalytic converter off, or will it screw up the computer? I’ve also been wanting to add cool air induction and possibly chipping it. Any info from somebody that has done any of this would be appreciated.

What is the best aftermarket catalytic converter to buy that will give you more power and sound?

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