Ford 8N Tractor Starter Installation Instructions


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The starter on your 8N Ford tractor is usually one of the vital dependable elements of the tractor. The starter was designed by a very frugal man, Henry Ford. He never used components that weren’t needed so that they held up well. Originally the starters have been on a 6 volt system. A number of the tractors had been transformed to 12 volt systems. It is vital that you simply maintain an excellent beginning system, or you may have flywheel and ring gear problems.

Ford 8N Tractor starter Installation Instructions

1. Pull the 8N tractor on level floor and shut off engine. Put transmission in a low gear so the tractor will not move if you are working on the starter. Permit the engine to cool completely.
2. Go to the battery compartment and take away damaging battery cable utilizing the 7/sixteen field finish wrench on the cable clamp bolt. It will keep you from shorting out the battery or damaging any of the other electrical components.
3. Transfer to the aspect that the starter is on. Utilizing a 3/8 ratchet and socket remove the cable from the starter that is going to the starter solenoid.
4. Take away the 2 long mounting bolts that go through starter housing using the three/eight ratchet and socket. At this point the starter will be removed.
5. Install the mounting bolts within the new starter before you install the starter. This will can help you see easy methods to information them via the case. Install the starter and secure mounting bolts evenly. Install remaining elements in reverse order. Put the transmission in neutral and take a look at the starter. Your starter substitute is now complete.

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Need help quick, thanks

I just bought 19 acres and I need a tractor to mow it with a bush hog. I need a small tractor so I can trailer it back and forth to my house. Eventually I will buy a new tractor but I need one soon to mow the land. Which small tractor would you buy?

tractor has sat for a few weeks. went to start it and carb. started flooding. Tried every which way to adjust the level But couldn’t get it to stop flooding out. finally took the float off and submerged it in a bowl of water and it floated. I then submerged it in to a bowl of gasoline and it sunk to the bottom. WHY ??? The float is good and not leaking and made of brass. I thought I had seen everything. I am a pro. mechanic and had never seen this. Can someone out there explain it to me. I know water is heavier than gas. Is it because of the old gasoline or the new gasoline we are using now? Please no smart remarks only serious answers Thanks

The tractor will turn over no problem. It has a front mounted distributor. The problem is the tractor has zero spark. The key and everything works and the voltage regulator works as well. Can anyone explain why there is no spark?

I have just received a 1951 Ford 8N. What is the small lever under the seat for. Sitting on the tractor it is on the right. The one on the left is the pto.

I would really like to have a 1952 ford 8n but a local guy has a ford 600 for sale. Anyone have an opinion on which tractor is better? How are the parts avaliability on the ford 600? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
mostly bushog 19 acres

Plugs are usually Champion H12, but I heard that an Autolite AP 765 does well.
Will this cause any damage running this plug, because I couldn’t find any cross reference for it and going by hear say only? Does anyone know anything about this?

I’m wondering if anyone knows if the piston sleeves are wet sleeves or dry? Can you just hammer them out. Also do you know of a good rebuilding book? thanks

my answer is the ford 8n.

The title pretty much says it all. Does anyone know where to get plug wires for these old tractors? Thanks.

Lets save time and let me tell you that it isn’t too hot and I release the pressure in the gas tank every hour or so. Its a ford tractor approximately 60 years old (the red and gray type you see on every acreage in the midwest) and only is used to cut my pasture twice per year. It dies every two hours (or less) and then takes an hour or so to be able to be restarted.

How well does a tractor rear-tine tiller work with the 8N Ford Tractors. Or would it be better with a plow and disc?

Does any one have any plans to build a front end loader for a 8N ford tractor? I would appreciate it. Thanks for the help, Or if you know where I can find a set.

i need to take off oil pan on an older ford tractor. it has two large horizontal bolts through the motor mount and the front of the pan. how do i support the motor to get the pan off?
my problem is the front motor mount. look’s like i will have to take it off. does anyone know detaile?
my problem is the front motor mount. look’s like i will have to take it off. does anyone know details?

We recently rebuilt a Ford 8N tractor and we bought a brand new radiator for it. We added 1 gallon of antifreeze and 1 gallon of water and it filled the radiator right up. We started it up and had it run for 15 minutes until we shut it off. The next day I went out and checked the antifreeze level and it was the same as the day before. I always thought that the antifreeze has to circulate throughout the engine and and that would then lower the level? I would like the hear what a mechanic or a person who has done this before has to say? Did I do something wrong or not do something that I should have? Thanks.

8N Ford tractor

Any helpfull info would be apreciated

I purchased an acreage and got a really old ford tractor thrown in on the deal. It look s like an 8n or 9n or something of that time frame. Where would I find a model # or plate or anything.

on my old Ford 8N tractor, i am trying to buy ignition parts, and they ask if it is a side or front mount distributer. mine is located in the front, on the right side, as you sit on the seat.

It doesn’t work at all. I need it out so I can see if I can fix it.

I have a 5 foot bush mower and a farmall 656 but im looking to get a smaller tractor with loader but how much hp will i need. i was looking at a kubota 23hp tractor witch is to small for what i need but what hp minimum do i need?

I pulled the spark plug and it is not getting a spark

3 fords and a dodge 4 sale.

OK, so we drained the anit-freeze and there is oil mixed in with it. We have taken the head off and cannot find any cracks or gasket tears. Is there any known problems with this and possible fixes? Thanks.

Have an old #9 sickle bar mower. I have trouble mowing the field all the same height. What kind of adustment(s) do I need to make on the mower and or the Ford 8N tractor that I am using?

I was thinking 35 – 55 horsepower but the price difference is big.


I have looked all over the internet and not found any manuals of documentation on how to do so. If anyone has any links or places i can find information on how to do this or where i might find help it would be greatly appreciated.

I am buying a enclosed tube frame carport, and want to build a wood floor for it strong enough to hold a small Ford 8N tractor. The building will be 18′ by 21′. Should I use 2″ by 12″, 2″ by 10″, 2″ by 6″ joists? 12 inches apart, 18 inches apart? Plan on plywood sheeting for floor.

I cannot find a tag or # for the serial number for my Ford 9N tractor.

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