Buick Rainier Door Speaker Installation Instructions


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Replacing the door speakers on your Buick Rainier isn’t a job that you have to leave for professionals. With some fundamental tools and a step-by-step approach, you can do the job yourself. So, whether or not you’re replacing the present audio system with new manufacturing unit-type fashions, or adding high-performance aftermarket speakers, don’t be afraid to dive in and set up them yourself.

Buick Rainier Door Speaker Installation Instructions

1. Insert a panel software behind the back of the door’s sail panel and pry out to launch the retaining clip. Leave the sail panel in place.
2. Pry across the edge of the door launch’s trim with the panel tool to take away the trim.
3. Take away the 10mm screw situated in the door pull handle.
4. Insert the panel tool underneath the sting of the facility switch panel and pry upward on the entrance and rear edges. Lift the panel out of the door panel. Grasp the electrical connectors on the underneath of the panel and pull them out to disconnect.
5. Take away the 10mm screw located underneath the swap panel.
6. Pry across the edges of the door panel together with your panel software to loosen the retaining clips holding the door panel into place. Pull the door panel off the door.
7. Unscrew the 4 Torx T-15 screws securing the speaker in place. Pull the speaker out of the door and disconnect the wiring harness on the back.
8. Plug the brand new speaker into the harness. Place it within the door and screw it in place.
9. Substitute the speaker within the other door by replicating Steps 1 though 8. Test the speakers and reassemble the panels by reversing the dis-meeting steps.

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I pulled the keys out of my friends 2002 buick regal, and now the ignition won’t turn. The ignition was in the “ON” (not start postion and car not running) postion when the keys were removed.

I an using a 1992 Buick park avenue, and the window on the passander side does not open anymore… How can I get inside of the the door cover to see what is wrong with it?

I’m 17 and I always wanted a buick grand national. It has always been my dream car since I was young. I’m trying to find a cheap or reasonable buick grand national I can put together, but everyone I seen cost a lot. I was wondering if anybody have any suggestions on where I could find it for my first car.

I have a Buick that I got from a friend but I have not gotten the title changed into my name yet because it’s still in the previous owners name and the ignition key is broken in half and I lost one half of I have the half of the key with the chip in it (the back half) how can I fix this?

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I have a Buick that I got from a friend but I have not gotten the title changed into my name yet because it’s still in the previous owners name and the ignition key is broken in half and I lost one half of I have the half of the key with the chip in it (the back half) how can I fix this?

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