Buick LeSabre Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions


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The General Motors V-6 engine in your Buick LeSabre presents some difficulties whenever you try to exchange the serpentine belt. The entrance motor mount passing by the belt causes the problem. Eradicating and installing the serpentine belt requires you to first remove the front engine mount. Later models have addressed this downside by having a simple bracket you could quickly take away to permit entry to the belt.

Buick LeSabre Serpentine Belt Installation Instructions

1. Be aware how the outdated belt is routed. Making a drawing of the serpentine belt routing can make it simpler to put in the new belt, particularly if the beneath hood routing guide sticker is missing. If the belt has damaged, the belt routing might be found in a service guide (see Resource).
2. Take away the previous serpentine belt by compressing the spring-loaded tensioner and slipping the belt off the alternator pulley. If your LeSabre has the engine bundle that does not require removal of the motor mount, the belt will merely pull out of the engine compartment, and you may set up the new serpentine belt in reverse order. If you must remove the motor mount, proceed to the next step.
3. Position the ground jack below the engine with a block of wooden between the oil pan and the jack. Then jack up the engine just sufficient to make good contact and assist among the weight. Remove the coolant overflow bottle. Take away the bolts attaching the motor mount to the frame, as well as the motor bracket. Then elevate out the motor mount and take away the previous belt.
4. Set up the brand new belt, referring to the belt routing drawing or service handbook, and slip it again onto the alternator whereas compressing the spring-loaded tensioner. Reinstall the motor mount and coolant overflow bottle, tightening the bolts securely. Begin the engine, and verify that the belt is routed correctly and sitting evenly in the pulley grooves.
5. Remove the jack and the wooden block before check-driving.

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Please tell me exactly what model civic car has the 3 rib pulley that matches with a D15B engine from Japan, so I can tell the junkyard person.

After my 1992 Honda Civic LX’s engine was replaced with a D15B engine from Japan, my alternator belt started to fray. I was told my alternator should have a 3 groove pulley instead of the 2 groove pulley it currently has.

I’ve received a couple of replies that say different things for the 88-91 civics, so I’d like to clarify by asking here.

“I know that an OBD0 (88-91) Civic Alternator has a 3 rib pulley.”

“If your crank pulley has 3 ribs you need an alt pulley from a 92-95 civic, if it has 2 you need one from a 88-91 civic or crx.”

I’m trying to replace my alternator on my1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T, and I can’t figure out how to remove the alternator belt. It looks like there is no tension pulley that i could find. Please help.

How do you know if the serpentine belt is tight enough? Is there a general rule of thumb?
It’s not spring loaded, it has a manual tensioner.

Is there a special tool to use for holding the pulley from slipping while tight down the nut?

I have an 01 Windstar. 182k Miles. The belt looks like its never been replaced, once if ever. I know it has a timing belt not timing chain, but has a huge serpentine belt. Should I replace the tensioner pulley as well while I am at it?
I am not sure if this is the same thing, but its a plastic black pulley, it looks like it is showing wear.
It has a timing chain, that is supposed to last the life of the vehicle. Similar to a chain you would find on a bicycle.

I need an overdrive alternator pulley for a 95 TA, but am having trouble finding an online store that sells them. Does anyone know where I can find them. I cannot get one special ordered in my area, no one will do it. Thanks for any help.

Its sunday and the dealership is closed…How can i do this?

I just bought a new alternator in april of this yr. I had someone install it for me and the damn pulley came off on me while I was driving today. The whole pulley and belt made this wild horrific screeching sound and now my check battery light is on.
How do I fix this and is the shop that sold me the alternator responsible for this mishap?
They sold me a bum alternator 1 yr ago and I complained to the owner because the alternator lost it’s power in 12 months. They are supposed to last much longer than 12 months in a car. I told him there was no reason for it to die out on me because I don’t have loud music or any music playing in my car. I have no amp or any stereo stuff either. I don’t have anything that would drain it and I have a brand new yellow top Optima battery that has 620CCA so it packs enough punch. The alternator he sold me was a bum one and he replaced it for me for 1/2 price.
Now this new one I got from him sucks big time with the pulley falling off in 4 months!!
it is a Honda Civic..does this alternator pulley also run my water pump? or just the electrical stuff like lights, etc?
what kind of bolt do I used to retighten the pulley and do I have to remove the alternator in order to tighten the bolt?? or can I do it with the alternator still in my car?
should I get a new alternator belt while I’m at it??

it’s a remanufactured alternator. almost 99% of all alternators sold in CA are remans.
it is made by Nippon Denso, the other one that conked out on me within 12 months was a Mitsubishi brand.
yes this shop I bought the alternators builds reman alternators + starters and resells them for about $100 plus tax after the core charge.

Hello, I have a 2.2L cavalier and its making an annoying noise from the alternator pulley. A high-pitched noise. I have a new pulley can I just put that on or do I have to replace alternator? If I can use the pulley how do I put that on? Thanks!

My ’95 Ford Ranger has had the sound of a bearing going bad in a pulley for about two months. Finally this weekend I started it up and it must have locked up, the belt was squealing really loud and snapped. So, now the water pump pulley has rubber chunks on it, which would make me think that is the bad pulley. But the pulley spins perfectly, really smooth. The alternator pulley on the other hand does not spin perfectly. It is not really hard to spin, but it does not spin smoothly. And the alternator pulley is real clean, no rubber on it at all. Any thoughts? I was thinking of buying a cheap belt and putting it on there, have someone start the truck and watch under the hood to see which is bad.

Hello, I came home from about a 25 minute ride today, and my 96 2.2L cavalier was making like almost a metal on metal grinding or vibrating noise near the alternator. It was pretty loud as I could hear it with the windows open. I popped the hood looked at it and then shut it off. Turned it back on a handful of times and couldn’t get noise to come back…could it be the alternator? idler pulley? How long do alternators usually last? Thanks!

It’s an LX 4cyl. Its actually had 2 belts next to each other that I’m looking to replace. I do not see a tensioner so do I just remove the Alternator pulley to replace or what?

It’s an LX 4cyl. Its actually had 2 belts next to each other that I’m looking to replace. I do not see a tensioner so do I just remove the Alternator pulley to replace or what?

The belt was still in tact but the smooth center pulley dislodged from the unit and elted into the winshield wiper fluid holder. This all happened while I was driving. I noticed a rattling sound then saw my battery light go on then noticed the temperature was way hot.

I have a 305 Carbed Chevy. I can not seem to remove the pulley. Now is there a bolt that holds it on? I have the pulley puller for it but i cant seem to get it off.

I need the brackets to put the alternator,pulleys,basically ever bracket.Its an old motor so I cant find nothing for it around here.Maybe there is somebody who could make them.

I have a 2003 Accord thats worked without any problems. I got in my car, put my key in the ignition and the dashboard lights were flickering and the engine wouldnt start. i got the battery jumped but after letting it charge off the engine for 20 minutes, it died again. Is this more likely a bad battery, or the alternator? How can I tell?

Is there a way to relubricate them so the squealing goes away?

I’m 100% positive its the alternator because when I sprayed WD-40 where the bearings are, the sound went away for a few seconds

If there is NO fix, how long do I have until I need to replace something?

I have removed all of the bolts from the alternator but it still will not budge. it looks like it is connected to the serpentine belt. Is this an easy swap or should i take it in.

I already have cat back exhaust w/ header, msd ignition system (wires, ignition box,coil convertion), iridium spark plugs,aem underdrive pulley and alternator pulley, HO intake manifold, K&N short ram intake, spec2 stage 3 clutch, B&M short shifter, sway bars, 50 lb weight reduction, Stage two alternator?

how much would it cost to replace a poor or soon to brake pulley because that is what is causing a screeching noise whenever i play my sounds or turn the car on after a while. note, my alternator can handle my sounds, and the belts are new and tightened properly. just give me a estimate cost for the labor to fix this problem

Is there a way to relubricate them so the squealing goes away?

I’m 100% positive its the alternator because when I sprayed WD-40 where the bearings are, the sound went away for a few seconds

If there is NO fix, how long do I have until I need to replace something?

I have been told i can just replace the bearing inside the pulley. Is this true? How do i get the bearing out of the pulley? How do i get the tension back on the new belt etc. Any info will be apreciated.

It seems as if the spark plugs could just be powered by the battery if the alternator simply wasn’t present for a short period of time, say, 5 seconds? Why or why not?
@D, yeah I meant failed, completely failed, not removed

Since nearly new my Corsa has been making a grinding noise when reving at 1100rpm
The dealer has change alternator,water pump and belt tentioner although they recognise the problem(the grinding noise is easily audible form inside the car ) they do not seem to find the cause .Can you help please?

I changed the battery and alternator yesterday and the volatage meter on a hand held device reads 13 but when I start the truck it is at 11. This is a 12 volt battery. Is it possible that the battery voltage gauge is no longer working? The arm moves when I start the vehicle however does not go past the bar out of the warning zone. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I got my alternator fixed at this shop in april. My battery light is flashing on and off, so i figure its the alternator. I took it back to the shop, because if it is the alternator which i believe it was; they should fix it free of charge. So they tell me my alternator is fine its charging the battery and that my steering fluid is leaking which is causing the battery light to flash. Could this be true?

how and what is the easiest way to install a power steering pulley, a alternator pulley, and a underdrive crank pulley?
can you give me instructions/manual/ or a link where they show how to intall the pulleys?
Pulleys for a 95 Acura Integra.

What if I don’t replace the alternator pulleys? will´╗┐ it cause further damage, cause i don’t mind the noise

the mechanic said my alternator is fine i just need a alternator pulley but he doesnt replace just the pulley i have to buy a new alternator. that makes no sense if all i need is the pulley

I am currently working on an project making a water wheel that turnes a car alternator then charges a 12v dc battery but i need help on the wiring direct to to battery to charge it. I have two wires from the alternator which are the positive and i take it the body of the alternator is the earth so can somone tell me how it should be wired to charge the battery and where should i atatch my multimeter to test it. i should have enough rpm to get 13 to 14 v

I need a generator for my wind turbine , but it doesn’t have to be more than 300 rpm. How many rpm does a car alternator needs to produce charge for my accumulator?

where is the alternator on a 52 citroen picasso?
I have the battery light flashing on the dash, i have changed 2 fuses in case it was that but still no luck. I think it must be a problem with the alternator but i am not sure where it is, i know where the battery is but still having trouble finding the alternator. If anyone can help that would be great.

Thanks all.

I have 1990 Mustang 5.0 and I am trying to put a new alternator on but dont know how to loosen the belt to remove the old one.

I need to replace the alternator on a 1994 Cadillac (El Dorado). Need instructions step by step on how to do so.

Is it as simple as put the socket on and turn or do I need to do something more, like hold the pulley still somehow? Or, is there some specialty socket that I need to get for this, because the center of the shaft has what appears to be a hole for an allen key.

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