Buick LeSabre Crankshaft Position Sensor Installation Instructions


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The crankshaft sensor on a Buick LeSabre is a double, shared magnet sort of sensor, which is mounted on a pedestal on the block subsequent to the crankshaft pulley. The crankshaft pulley, i.e., harmonic balancer, has two interrupter rings within the back, going through the block. There may be an outer ring and an interior ring. The outer ring consists of 18 interrupter blades and the inner ring consists of three blades. Both units of those blades go via, and in front of, the sensors. The outer sensor is an 18x signal and the inner is a 3x signal. When the blade passes in entrance of the sensors it turns the power off, very similar to a lightweight change or like points in an early mannequin vehicle. The sensor produces an on and off signal to the pc for ignition timing.

Buick LeSabre Crankshaft Position Sensor Installation Instructions

1. Elevate and assist the front of the automotive on jack stands. Take away the passenger side wheel, utilizing the ½-inch drive ratchet and acceptable socket. Take away the inner splash protect, utilizing a socket.
2. Remove the serpentine belt from the crankshaft pulley by using a wrench to move the tensioner away from the belt and eradicating the belt. Take away the middle bolt within the harmonic balancer, using the ½-inch drive breaker bar and appropriate socket.
3. Set up the harmonic balancer puller, then take away the harmonic balancer. Disconnect the electrical plug from the crankshaft sensor. Remove the 2 bolts securing the sensor to the block. Remove the old sensor from its mounting pedestal.
4. Install the brand new sensor with pedestal on the particular set up tool. Move the crankshaft sensor so that the software’s blades go useless heart by way of the sensors with out making contact. Tighten the sensor and continue to rotate the tool. If there is no such thing as a contact after tightening, withdraw the sensor from the tool and mount the sensor pedestal to the block with the 2 bolts. Tighten the bolts. Plug within the electrical plug on the sensor.
5. Install the harmonic balancer and tighten the center bolt to a hundred and eighty foot pounds of torque. Install the splash defend and wheel in reverse order of removal.

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3 front plugs simple and easy to change, however the rear ones are another story! Anybody have any recommendations as to how to get to the rear plugs for someone who prefers to do their own work? (nearest garage is about a 3 hour drive so no idiot suggestions to take it to one)
2006 Buick Rendezvous CX, V6 3.5L.
I’ve already Googled and came up with very little, looking to hear from someone who has experience with this vehicle already.

I got a 76 buick electra, and its gonna be racin in a trailer race, but i wanna dominate, and i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on how to make it faster and handle better

Itll be running on a 3/8th mile with alot of banking, so if you have any suggestions that would be appreciated

I recently got a 1994 Buick Century from my brother and I’m trying to buy insurance. The insurance company wants me to specify whether it’s a Custom, Special, or Limited. How can I tell the difference? The Owner’s Manual doesn’t say. I contacted Buick but they haven’t reply. I searched for image online but they looked similar that I can’t really tell which one mine is. I’m stuck. Any car experts out there? Please help me.

I have a 2003 Buick Century with v-6 engine. Are there any stats available on engine gaskets that have had to be replaced due to Dex Cool antifreeze? I just changed mine and put the regular green antifreeze in it. Is this ok??
Does anyone have any info on gaskets replacements on the century and how many miles were on them if so?

I have a 1968 Buick Skylark Custom convertible with a 350 ci (5.7L) engine. I have seen the identical car but instead of it having a “custom” label, it is labeled with “base” engine instead. So what is the difference? It is important because I am trying to order a performance intake manifold and they have different bolt arrangements.

I have a 1997 buick century. I would like to have a copy made of the ignition key. However it’s a chip coded key. Where would I go to get a replacement or have a new key made.

I got a 1998 buick park avenue and I love it. I keep the fuel tank full but the fuel gage keeps changing from empty to full all the time. How can I fix that problem?

We have a 1996 Buick Century and were told the Back Manifold gasket is bad. It runs but only moves about 30 miles an hour. And how can we pull it home with a Tow Bar. No holes in Bumper to hook it to.

I heard a rumour that Buick is offering a manual transmission? Is that true?

How much a month would it cost to lease a 2012 buick Lacrosse in CT, and how much would the insurance be for a 16 year old male driver?

Is the Buick Lacrosse good for driving in snowy and icy conditions?

My Skylark has a Buick 350 Engine, I amnot sure what type of engine is in the fastback.

I an using a 1992 Buick park avenue, and the window on the passander side does not open anymore… How can I get inside of the the door cover to see what is wrong with it?

My girlfriends 90s buick lesabre does this thing often when you push on the gas instead of making it go faster it just starts revving and it takes it a little while before it starts to accelerate. What could this be?

I’ve been researching some on alternative fuels lately, namely E85 and CNG. And so far, it doesn’t look like our 2000 Buick Century will run on any of them. Is this true? And where can I find concrete documentation if it will run on one? Also, any idea of how much conversion for certain alternative fuels might cost for a 2000 Buick Century?

Where is the ignition coil located in a 1990 buick century? They tell me mine is bad, I read how to change it, but can’t find it inside the engine. If you don’t know this but DO know where I can find free engine manuals I would be just as greatful. thanks.

I pulled a motor out of a 1963 buick electra. I do not have the VIN number of the vehicle but i do have the engine serial number. How can i find the size of the engine using the engine serial number?

I own a 1973 Buick Apollo, and I’ve only seen one other one in person.

I just want to know if there is anyone out there who knows what I’m talking about.

I have a choice between a 1994 Buick LeSabre with the 3.8 V6 which has 120k on the car, the car itself is beautiful, no rust, completely beautiful. And I could also pick a 1991 Ford Taurus, with 110k on the car and a little bit of rust but not too bad. The Buick is for $1100 and the Taurus is for $800. I have $1500 available to spend but don’t want to have all of that stuck into repairs. What should I get????

I’m in a position that requires me to replace my alternator in my 1986 Buick Century. As I found out, there are two different alternators for an 86 buick century, and I need to know which one I’d need to get. Is there a way to find out using your VIN?

I’m in need of the following for my 1999 Buick Park Avenue (not Ultra):

- Front Passenger Outside door handle
- driver seat panel that the power seat controls are mounted in (need it in maroon)
- control module / relay for the driver seat heater.

I haven’t called junkyards yet, I was hoping to find these parts online.

Thanks !

Ok i got a big problem i customized my 1992 buick century with a tree at 60mph. Now my brothers are machanics. I am wondering what vehicle model parts are compatable with my car. Its a GM car so i think some other gm parts will work.

Back axle
front a arm
front half shaft.

I had to replace the battery in my keyless entry and I need to reprogram it to the car, but the manual only says how to program the functions of the buttons. Nothing about reprogramming the actual remote. There is no Buick dealership in my area, how can I find out the code?

I have a 1996 Buick Regal Custom with a 3.1 V6. It makes a clunk when accelerating, idles rough, and accelerates terribly. How many motor mounts does it have and can I replace it? If not, how much would it roughly cost to repair?

The answer to this question is very important for me as I am thinking of buying a 1999 Buick LeSabre. I know a Honda and a Toyota can go upto 250K miles and a Lincoln can go even more, but how much can a Buick LeSabre go upto? What are the common problems found in a Buick LeSabre and is it very expensive to repair those? When should the timing/engine belt of a Buick LeSabre be changed and how often should the oil be changed? Any words of advice will be greatly appreciated.

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