Buick LeSabre Brake Pads Installation Instructions


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The Brake Pads in your Buick LeSabre will wear down after normal wear and tear. The elimination and substitute procedure has remained nearly unchanged on the Buick LeSabre for a lot of years. The newer LeSabres sometimes have rear disc brakes as nicely, which implies they use brake pads and calipers within the rear braking system instead of drums and shoes. You can save money and time by buying high quality brake pads from an auto elements store and replacing them yourself.

Buick LeSabre Brake Pads Installation Instructions

1. Take away ½ of the brake fluid from the grasp cylinder with the syringe and substitute the cover. Discard the fluid.
2. Remove the front hubcaps and loosen the wheel nuts utilizing the lug wrench, however don’t take away the nuts.
3. Elevate the entrance end of the LeSabre with the ground jack and secure safely onto the jack stands.
4. Take away the wheel nuts and wheels. Screw one wheel nut back onto a wheel stud hand tight to retain the rotor away from the caliper assembly.
5. Place a big C-clamp over the left inboard caliper housing and the outboard brake pad, and tighten to compress the caliper piston.
6. Remove the 2 caliper guide bolts utilizing a box finish wrench. Take away the caliper and safe it to the automobile chassis with mechanic’s wire or a metallic hook.
7. Remove the outboard pad from the caliper on the LeSabre first. Pry it off the outboard caliper housing utilizing the screwdriver.
8. Remove the inboard Brake Pad by lifting the retaining clips out of the caliper bore.
9. Clear the floor of the caliper bridge that contacts the backing plate of the pads utilizing a wire brush, and apply a skinny coat of brake lubricant to the contact points. Watch out not to let the lubricant get onto the rotor.
10. Set up the new inboard Brake Pad and shim into the caliper piston bore by pressing the retaining clips into the bore until it locks into place.
11. Set up the outboard pad onto the caliper housing, ensuring to align the retaining clips into the holes in the caliper. Use the screwdriver to convince the clips onto the caliper if necessary.
12. Exchange the caliper over the rotor.
13. Clear off the surface of the information bolts and apply a light-weight coat of lubricant to the smooth surface of them. Align them correctly by the rubber boots and bolt the caliper to the knuckle. Tighten the guide bolts utilizing the wrench. Take away the wheel nut from the wheel stud securing the rotor.
14. Change the wheel and wheel nuts. Tighten the wheel nuts snugly, and re-tighten them (with a torque wrench is really helpful set at one hundred foot pounds) once the LeSabre is back on the ground.
15. Repeat steps 5 through 14 for the proper side.
16. Pump the brake pedal when you’re by to seat the new pads against the rotors, then verify and add new brake fluid to the master cylinder.

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This sounds crazy but is true… I had a woodchuck crawl up in my engine, who apparently had a taste for wires. When I finally chased him off I found that he had eaten some spark plug wires and the wire that connects to the brake fluid reservoir. So I would just like to know if that is just the wire for the brake fluid light or if it is something else.
Oh the car is a 2001 Kia Rio.

I understand there will be brake fluid in the brake, which is why we need to bleed it. But, would it still extend the life of the brake fluid? thanks.
would the new fluid that I add to the master cylinder be cycle to the brakes, eventually?

I am new to the whole motorcycle thing and I think the brake fluid is starting to look dirty. My uncle told me that he uses a turkey baster and sucks it out of the resiovor on the handle bar but I do not know if that is correct or not. Any help would be appreciated.

I need to rebuild my disc brake caliper (’73 Camaro). When I remove the brake line from the caliper, does all of the fluid drip out? Or does it mostly stay in there due to suction?

Is the line usually capped somehow while people rebuild their calipers?

Obviously I do not want to waste perfectly good brake fluid.

I am borrowing my brother’s ford ranger, and the brake light just came on. There is only fluid leaking in the back of the car, however. My stepfather says that there should be two components to my brake fluid reservoir– how can I tell? (I’m just trying to get the car home)

I just had alignment done on my car, since I changed the tires. Now, the service person is recommending brake fluid change. Do these two processes interfere with each other? If so, should I be concerned. Many thanks.

I heard that is best to use a machine to drain out the old brake fluid for a complete removal of the debris and the old brake fluid, but it is expensive. I want to know what is the advantage to use the machine to drain out the brake fluid and clean the brake system than just adding new brake fluid?

There’s all this DOT 3, 4, and 5 brake fluid and I dont know what to choose from. I heard you can use DOT 4 for a DOT 3 system but I just want to play things safe. The year of my car is a 75 so I am guessing it would be a DOT 3.

I have a 2005 honda civic automatic with ABS brakes. In the manual it says to replace the brake fluid every 3 years regardless of mileage. I actually scheduled a brake flush though…are they the same?

I just replaced the brake fluid of my bike, it’s neary ten years and very dirty. Have you got any idea for how long the brake fluid should last? both car and motorbike.

I have an Arctic Cat 2007 250 utility ATV. I ran out of brake fluid, and when I tried to take off the reservoir lid, it was on extremely tight. I cannot get it off, and neither can several people that also tried. How can I get it off? Thanks.

I wanted to clean my plastic headlights on my 99 Audi A6, so I rubbed some brake fluid on there and left it. I know, I am an idiot. So I saw the next day that my headlight turned very hazy from the brake fluid, and nothing seems to get the brake fluid off.

So my question is how do I remove the brake fluid from the headlighs (preferably without wet sanding)? Can I get specific instructions, please?

Thanks! :)

I need to check the brake fluid in my 2005 jetta 1.8t and i don’t know how i can do that.

I had a bottle of steering fluid and brake fluid in my trunk and one (or both) of the bottles leaked. Now I have fluid of some sort soaked into my trunk liner. How would I get the fluid out of the liner? I’m going on a road trip in a month and don’t want to be putting the baggage in there if it’s going to get wrecked by the fluid.

I need brake fluid for my vivacity 50 CC scooter, is it all the same?

I have a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT that desperately needs transmission fluid. I have two bottles of brake fluid in the back seat so can I use brake fluid as a substitute for transmission fluid? I heard somewhere that you could or it may have been the other way around but I doubt it.

I had a hole in my brake line and it took me a while to get it fixed so I have brake fluid all over my engine. How can I remove it before it damages all the hoses and wiring and such? There’s no damage to any of the plastic or rubber components yet.

I want to change my brake fluid. However, I don’t have a partner to help me. Most manuels say i need a partner to pump the brakes.

I (first time buyer) bought a car from a shady dealership in VA, where lemon laws on used cars are non existant unless undisclosed problems are acctually safety hazards. The engine had been swapped the intake was cracked and brake fluid cap was replaced by one that didnt fit and slid around letting air into the chamber. I’m not a car guy but have been told that, air in the breaking system isn’t good. Can anyone give me more info?

Recently purchased a JL50QT-6 4 Stroke scooter, and not sure what the best brake fluid to use.

i need to add brake fluid but i dont know where i put it. is it some where under the hood?

What happens if you pour transmission fluid or brake fluid on someones car? Because someone poured one of them on someones car at a party,im not sure if a chemical reaction or anything could happen ,does anything happen,if so to make sure its not something else,is there anything you could pour on a car to mess up the paint?? we need help a.s.a.p

I can’t get on to a syringe, do auto part stores sell anything thats good at sucking out the brake fluid from the reservior when changing it?

What do you use?

Thanks heaps.

There are a couple of empty containers attached to the innards of what’s under my hood. One has a tube running to the radiator, the other i’m not sure where it goes. I wonder if one’s maybe engine coolant, or brake fluid, or windsheild wiper fluid. I don’t want to put the wrong liquid in the wrong container, and break down. PLEASE HELP!

I have a 1992 Corsica V6 and within the last few weeks I have had to refill the brake fluid after the light came on to inform me that it was low. After replacing the fluid today I noticed that I had to push the brake all the way to floor and still had some difficulty in stopping. I was told that I needed to replace the caliper. Another person stated it was probably just a hose and I may also need to replace the front pads as a result of brake fluid saturating them. Which one of these problems seems more likely, if either? All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

According to the car owner’s manual, the brake fluid should should be changed every 20000 miles or so. Can it be done at home or do I have to take it to a workshop ?

My mum has an Audi A4 and my dad has put power steering fluid in i instead of brake fluid. We have bought a new master cylinder from the breakers, what should we do next?

I saw on TV a person put sugar in the fuel tank of someones car. What does it do? Someone told me that brake fluid will wreck paint too. True or false?

I drive a 2006 Honda Accord. I’ve had my coolant flushed before for around $70, but every place I go to charges just over $100 for brake fluid and power steering fluid. Are these fair numbers, or should I keep looking?

I’ve heard a couple of times that adding some brake fluid to your engine oil act as a detergent and will remove a lot of sludge etc from inside your engine. Is this true? Are there any seals or gaskets that may be affected by the brake fluid?

We have an 81 impala and when the brake pedal is pressed, the brakes are tight. Someone said it might be the incorrect fluid was put into the brake fluid. We just got the car four months ago and this just startd. We have only had the pcv valve replaced and an oil change done, both by Jiffy Lube.
How much would that cost to fix?

My husband got brake fluid and oil on our pavers in the driveway and on the garage floor. I need to know how to remove the stains. We live in a gated community and there are so many rules one of which is to have no stains on the driveway (pavers). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a 1977 CHEVY P30 motorhome. I added brake fluid, is that bad?

My car’s brake fluid has been leaking recently and I was wondering how much it would cost to fix it. If I fill it to its max, it will be roughly 2-3 days before it empties again. Please let me know if you know anything that can help. Yes I am aware I should get it fixed!

Washing my car, and the tires keep going back to that grayish color. I heard brake fluid could make them shine, but is it safe? Thanks
I wasn’t planning on spraying the tread with brake fluid! Just the outside part of the tire.

Just changed all 4 brake pads and one week later the brake light comes on. I checked the brake fluid and I can see fluid in the resevoir but dont know how full it should be?

The Honda dealer (and the owner’s manual) is saying you can’t use parts store brake fluid (Pyroil, Valvoline, etc.) in Hondas or Acuras, and you can’t use Honda DOT3 fluid in any other make of car. Something about a special formula. Is that really true, or are they just trying to sell me something?

I have a 2002 Honda EX. Should I bleed the brake fluid for preventative maintenance? Is it important? If so, what is a good technique for doing so?

The cap of the brake fluid reservoir on my car (Daihatsu Terios 1998 model) is seized solid!!! It absolutely won’t budge! Anyone got any hints or tips as to how I can loosen/remove this?


I am driving a 2001 RAV4 which has 30,000 miles on it. I had a 30,000 miles major maintenance performed recently at car dealership. The service person recommended that we flush both the power steering fluid & brake fluid because he saw some discoloring in both fluid. Each flush would cost about $130 and total would be $260. Should I go ahead and performed the flushes?

Thanks in advance!

I wasn’t paying close attention and I accidentally topped off my power steering fluid with brake fluid and didn’t realize it until I drove for a couple of hours. I didn’t notice any difference in the driving. I drive a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder. Is it going to be a problem? Do I need to do anything immediately?

I own a 1994 Plymouth Sundance and I need to change the front brake pads but i’m not sure if I need to drain the brake fluid. The brake pads won’t fit into the caliper? First time doing this thanks!

If a person doesn’t carry any extra brake fluid in there car while driving in the country late at night. What can he/she use for brake fluid in case of an emergency without hurting the brake system?
In the trunk of the car there is extra power steering fluid, extra engine oil and transmission fluid?

The cap of the brake fluid reservoir on my car (Daihatsu Terios 1998 model) is seized solid!!! It absolutely won’t budge! Anyone got any hints or tips as to how I can loosen/remove this?


If the car runs out of brake fluid and the brakes dont work can you use the handbrake (E brake) to stop the car?

My brakes are spongy(light pressure with slow stopping power until you floor the brake pedal) and driving is getting a little dangerous. Need help on the easiest way to change my brake fluid and draining the system, while “bleeding” them as well.

My husband recently changed his front rotors and brake pads and now there is brake fluid leaking out of his car. He isn’t a mechanic, he just did them by fallowing the instructions in the book for his car. Can anyone give me any tips as to why this may be happeneding & what to do? Thanks.
Fluid is coming from the front end is all I know, I see it on our driveway.

i bought my motorcycle to fix it up, and there is no brake fluid in the bike. I watched videos about bleeding the fluid, but i dont know what to do if there is none what so ever. Do i just poor it in and pump the brakes or what?

The rear brake line busted on a 2000 Blazer and the valve that shuts the brake fluid shut to keep the rest of the fluid from coming out. How do you reset the valve to open it up again?

I have no idea what I’m doing, and am up for something as complicated but not more complicated than an oil change. Should I leave the brake fluid to the mechanic? If so, how much should I expect to pay?

I am driving a 2001 RAV4 which has 30,000 miles on it. I had a 30,000 miles major maintenance performed recently at car dealership. The service person recommended that we flush both the power steering fluid & brake fluid because he saw some discoloring in both fluid. Each flush would cost about $130 and total would be $260. Should I go ahead and performed the flushes?

Thanks in advance!

Instead of draining brake fluid under the car, can I use a turkey baster to remove brake fluid from the brake fluid reservoir?

I own a 1994 Plymouth Sundance and I need to change the front brake pads but i’m not sure if I need to drain the brake fluid. The brake pads won’t fit into the caliper? First time doing this thanks!

Hello, My brake light on the dash board just turn on and stay On. I need to replace my front brake on rotors I am not sure if this could cause the light to turn on? I also need to check my brake fluid level last time I had a oil change the mechanic say it was low. but I can find where the brake fluid is located.

I was told and read that brake fluid absorbes mositure and that it is a good idea to exchange the steering fluid.

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