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2011 Honda Accord Coupe Fine Mesh Grille Installation

grille1. Open the hood and remove a total of thirteen (13) manufacturing facility plastic push fasteners. Take away them by lifting up on the center a part of the factener until it locks in place, then remove the entire fastener. As soon as the fasteners are removed, carry up and take away the radiator support panel.
2. Apply a number of layer of masking tape across the manufacturing facility Grille to protect the paint on the bumper cowl throughout manufacturing facility Grille removal.
Remove the higher outer manufacturing unit phillips screws retaining the outer
4. Use a flat blade screwdriver and insert it between the grille mounting tabs and the bumper cover. Twist the screwdriver slightly till the tab releases and assist you to start pulling the grille forward.corners of the manufacturing unit grille to the bumper cover.
5. Use an extended flat blade screwdriver to remove the outer lower mounting push fasteners by pushing down on the center of the uncovered underside of the pin. The inner decrease mounting push fasteners will use a smaller flat blade screwdriver and you could insert the screwdriver between the pin and the body of the push fastener and twist till it releases.
6. Once the manufacturing facility push fasteners are faraway from the underside of the grille, pull the grille straight out to take away it from the bumper cover.
7. Remove the manufacturing facility emblem by inserting a small flat blade screw driver under the push on retainers and twist them until the mounting pins snap off.
8. Install the supplied .045″ x .250″ double faced tape to the back of the factory emblem.
9. Peel the backing from the installed double confronted tape. align the remaining portions of the manufacturing unit alignment pins with the holes within the supplied emblem mounting plate and press the symbol firmly onto the plate to set the tape. 10. Apply additional masking tape across the higher grille opening (even with the manufacturing facility grille mounting channel) and apply masking tape across the decrease bumper opening. 11. Use a tape measure to locate and mark the precise heart of the grille opening. Measure between two symetrical factors and divide that measurement in half. Use a grease pencil or sharpie marker and draw a line.
12. Lower out and align the supplied upper grille gap location template, and as soon as correctly aligned with the rear edge pushed into the manufacturing facility mounting channel, use masking tape to safe it.
13. Use an axe or comparable pointed device to mark the hole locations onto the bumper cover. Remove the template, flip it over and mark the holes on the alternative side.
14. Use a .125″ (1/8″) drill bit to drill via the marks made in the earlier step. Use the drill bit to connect the holes, making small slots permitting for slight left to right grille adjustments.
15. Reduce out the supplied upper outer gap location template and use masking tape to tape it up into the upper corner of the manufacturing facility grille opening. Use an awl or comparable pointed device to mark the opening location onto the bumper cover. Remove the template, flip it over, tape and mark the holes on the opposite side.
16. Use a 5/sixteen” drill bit to drill by means of the marks made within the earlier step and use the drill bit to attach the holes to create large sufficient slots to allow the higher grille outer mounting studs to move through.
17. Use positive sandpaper or a scotch brite pad to scuff the paint on the higher grille opening and the middle bar of the decrease grille opening.
18. Paint all the pieces that may seen by the mesh grille with flat or semi-gloss black paint, including the factory grille mounting channel and interior bumper reinforcement.

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I scratch my car’s (already scratchy) bumper yesterday. After that I began to notice other cars and even the very old ones had perfectly scratchless bumper. I bought my car in used condition which already had many scratches on its bumper. Yesterday I added one more to them as I failed to realize that distance between the car and the other object was a couple inches lesser than I had guessed

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Oh and Christians, yes, that absolutely means this is your opportunity to try to be clever and funny. I will be judging how funny the joke is, don’t disappoint me.

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I’ve seen these bumper stickers a lot. It’s a blue background with about eight or ten different symbols on it. One is a peace sign and one is a cross. I think they have something to do with outdoors. Does anybody know for sure???

Old bumper sticker that’s the last of its kind; the sticky part is not too good. Wanna put it on my ’03 Durango & it’s gotta be able to survive the car wash. Thank you.

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