1998 Ford Taurus CD Player Installation Instructions


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The stock stereo unit within the 1998 Ford Taurus (and Mercury sable) is an AM/FM radio with built-in CD player. Taurus owners who wish to upgrade their inventory stereo models can choose to have the substitute handled by a professional automobile audio technician, or attempt the substitute themselves. Removal of the manufacturing facility stereo requires the use of Ford DIN elimination tools. You may trend make-shift tools using a wire coat hanger and a pair of wire cutters.

1998 Ford Taurus CD Player Installation Instructions

1. Carry the Taurus’ hood and loosen the bolt on the adverse battery cable clamp with the wrench. Carry the cable from the destructive battery terminal and set it aside. Transfer to the within of the Ford.
2. Slide the Ford DIN removal instruments (accessible at any Ford dealership service station or third party automobile audio outlet) into the holes at both finish of the stereo’s face. Push the keys into the openings until they snap into place. Pull outward on the keys and pull the stock head unit from the Ford’s dashboard.
3. Unplug the 2 white plastic wire binders from the outlets on the again of the stereo unit. Remove the antenna cable lead from the antenna outlet on the again of the unit. Take away the two screws on either side of the stereo bracket with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Slide the stereo from the bracket to finish the removal.
4. Insert the Ford aftermarket stereo adapter into the manufacturing unit stereo bracket. Exchange the 2 screws into the edges of the bracket to secure the adapter inside. Slide the new head unit into the adapter until it snaps into place.
5. Plug the Taurus’ stereo wiring connectors into the wiring harness adapter lead connectors. Plug the wiring harness adapter leads into the shops on the rear panel of the new stereo. Plug the antenna cable lead into the FM antenna outlet on the again of the new unit.
6. Slide all the stereo meeting into the dashboard stereo mounting dock. Press firmly on the outside of the trim panel that accommodates the newly installed stereo unit to snap it again into place within the dash. Return to the battery.
7. Place the negative battery cable clamp across the damaging battery terminal. Tighten the bolt on the cable’s clamp with the wrench. Close the Taurus’ hood.

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Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for!

Parallel acceleration marks of 40’10″ and 33’0″?
And just to the left of those and parallel to each other scuff marks of 28’9″ and 22’6″?
Any ideas why such marks might occur?
Or could they occur?
Officer took no photos.

I am having issues with my keyless entry on my 1998 Ford Taurus SE, V6, SOHC. I am wondering where the keyless entry module is located so I can replace it.

My girlfriend has a 1998 Ford Taurus 4 cyl, with the automatic on the column. Lately, when she shifts the car into drive, it jerks forward when she pressed the accelerator. Most of the time, it jerks when she gets going from a traffic light or stop sign…etc. What could be the issue? It has over 100,000 miles. I am not exactly sure how many. I think its around 120,000.
Sorry…I meant to say it has a 6 cyl

I have had a radiator flush and a heater core flush. Should I change the thermostat? Where is that located? Any other possibilities?

My car needs the alignment fixed which i could do at my school for free. I just need to know roughly how long it will take to do and if there is anything i need to have or need to know when doing it.
I have two fully qualified mechanics as teachers i just needed to know if i needed anything and how long it will take before i bring it in. They will do most of it for me

I was setting at a red light and went to go, nothing, i thought I was in neutral. I checked ever gear and nothing. Transmission shop told me it needed rebuilt. The transmission never slipped at all before it went out. I have been told this is a problem with the Ford Taurus transmissions. If it is, I am not going to fix it. Your thought please.

My car was recently broke into and it locked up the ignition switch and mess up my anti-theft alarm system. Does anyone know how i might be able to reset the alarm system? We’ve replaced the ignitions switch, however the car still will not start because the alarm system needs to either be disconnected or reset. Does anyone have an idea how this can be done?

The car shifts perfect but sometimes it will jump in and out of OD, sometimes stay out of OD and sometimes it will do fine. It does all of this for about the first 15 minutes I am driving after that most of the time it does like it is supposed to. Any ideas?

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus and my tail-lights are out,I’ve tried replacing fuses but it’s going on and going off.I guess the dash lights are connected because these lights go off too at the same exact time.Is there any options I have.Yes, I know I can bring it to a mechanic I just want to fix it my self.Thanks

I need help installing a Uniden SMH1525DT radio in my 1998 ford Taurus. The radio was given to me so I don’t have any instruction booklets or warranties. In fact all I do have is the radio, handset, antenna, installation bracket without the screws, and the power cord. There is also a jumper type thing for the accessory hookup. Thanks!

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus and the casing that the lighter goes into has disconnected to the mounting inside the drop-down lighter/ashtray piece. At the back of the metal casing the lighter fits into has come unscrewed from the female end, which is on a cord(not a fixed piece) in the back and I can’t get it lined up so I can screw it back in.

Is there a way to take off the lighter/ashtray drop down piece without having to remove the whole console? What’s the best way to connect the lighter casing’s male screw end into the female end inside the drop down piece?
Here’s a picture of the area: http://webpages.charter.net/w4jbb/106-0651_IMG.JPG

At the bottom of the picture you can see how the lighter and ashtray are in a little pop-down thing-a-ma-bob. I’ve removed all of the console around the shifter and ashtray and have re-attached the connector to the lighter, but I can’t get the metal casing around it so it won’t move. When put eveything back, the lighter casing still comes out when I try to pull out the lighter. Is there something else I should be doing?

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus, and she won’t start. Everything in the car turns on and works fine so it can’t be the battery. What is stopping my car from starting?

fuel pump is out on car need to know where it is located on the 1998 Ford Taurus

My 1998 Ford Taurus acts like it wants to shut off at a red light but it doesn’t. What could be the cause of this?

In the back on the trunk module, it has the tail/reverse light covers. It is a long piece of black plastic, it spans across the length of the trunk itself. I want to know what it is called so I can price one out. This is for a 1998 Ford Taurus SE. (Sedan)

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. Moon-roof won’t slide open, heater doesn’t work, minor dent on the side. The car won’t start because the starter need to be replaced. Otherwise, the car has a clean interior and looks fairly nice. It has run 86k miles.

I have this nascar hot wheel thing and i was wondering how much it was worth? Here is they info…
Jeremy Mayfield
#12 Mobil 1
1998 Ford Taurus
Limited Edition

That what it said on the box so I hope I can can find out how much this is worth:)! Thanks

I did some research online for the cost of replacing a lower bypass radiator hose for 1998 Ford Taurus. The bill is over $400.00. Parts are $230 for a lower radiator hose and labor $185.00. I did some research on the RepairPal.com and the parts and labor should only be half that.

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus SE with 96,000 miles on it. I have just had my car looked because my car transmission blew and the shop I went to said it would cost $1,600-$1,900 to rebuild the transmission. The car is in great shape other than this major problem. I was wondering if this price is a bit high or a good deal. Thanks!

I have a 1998 ford Taurus. My roommate looked under there and said my exhaust is barely being held up, and that I need to replace the rubber part that holds it up/mounts it? Neither of us knows what it is called.

I have a 1998 ford taurus. I have a CDE-100 Alpine stereo. I tried the hooking up the wire harness I hooked everything up right it didnt work. Then I tried hooking the stereo up to the wires that were connected to the stock stereo still no power. I replaced the radio fuse and still no power. What am I doing wrong?

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. I replaced the transmission a few months ago. I have been getting P1744 since.
I have had the pressures tested, Valve body inspected, I replaced the TCC Selonoid, Checked fluid levels.

I have done virtually everything I can think of. I have the car in the shop now and they say everything looks fine. They think it is probably the incorrect tranny for the car (Wrong Gear Ratios). They can’t read the engineering tag that is on the transmission. They referenced TSB 97-23-7.

According to the TSB it probably is the wrong tranny.

1. Trying to avoid pulling out transmission again: Can I change the computer in the car?
2. Could it be the Tourque Converter, it is new. How likely?

Any other thoughts as to what it might be?
More Details from Gearbox1 Answer:

I’ve had the car in multiple shops and everything checks out meaning wiring, installation, valve body, pressures. The ONLY thing they can come up with is Gear ratios

This is the order that ford recomends checking:
1. Stuck converter regulator valve
2. Stuck solenoid regulator valve
3. Stuck bypass clutch control valve
4. Worn pump shaft or damaged seals
5. Incorrect Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) solenoid
6. Incorrect or damaged internal wiring harness
7. Incorrect gear ratio

I definately don’t disagree with it being the torque converter causing the problem, but just thought I would add more info. I was curious to see how many people actually thought it might be the converter. BTW – It is AX4N tranny

According to TSB 97-23-7 there is 4 transmissions for the car
F8DP-7000-DA, EA, CA or FA,
There is also two 3.0L engines: Vulcan or MOD:

MOD with tranny DA or EA
Vulcan: with tranny CA or FA

I have a 1998 ford Taurus and I was trying to put in a power steering pump and accidentally removed the pulley thinking it was the drive belt tensioner and I put everything back but now the belt is loose. What do I do?

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. It never had given me any problems in the past, but now it’s starting to stall during the day, but at night it’s fine. It stalls when I stop at red lights, even if I stop slowly & it’s starting to stall when I drive, only once. And when it does stall the RPM’s go crazy high. Oh & I live in Texas, so of course it’s very hot, above 100 degrees.

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