1994-1997 Honda Accord BX2214 Base Plate Installation


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1994-1997 Honda Accord BX2214 BasePlate Installation Procedures

1. Learn the Basic Instruction sheet included with this baseplate.
baseplate2. The baseplate mounts to the front underside of the automobile utilizing ten bolts; 5 on each side of the car.
3. Take away the plastic belly pan from the entrance underside of the car. It is held on with bolts (10mm socket), and plastic pop-in pins (pull down with pliers). Save all components for later baseplate installation.
4. Take away both of the tie-down brackets. Every is attached with 3 hex head bolts (13mm socket). Inspect and save the bolts for re-use. baseplate
5. There’s a black plastic strip that runs along the bottom of the bumper. Remove this by removing the bolts along the skin edges and unsnapping it from the grill within the center.
6. Place a jack underneath the left to proper horizontal engine mount cross beam, near the center, for support. Remove only 2 of the hex head bolts, each on the identical side, which connect the cross beam to the chassis (17mm socket). Inspect and save for re-use.
7. Loosely, install a baseplate Mount on the identical aspect as step 5. Hand tighten the two cross beam bolts. Hand tighten the three tie-down bolts. Apply Loctite. DO NOT FULLY TIGHTEN YET.
8. Repeat step 5 & 6 for the other side.
9. The dimensional variations between in any other case identical automobiles can be considerable. Whereas the situation and dimension of the holes in the baseplate were designed to facilitate straight forward set up, it might be necessary to file or drill a hole slightly to permit a bolt to clear.
10. Match and notch the black plastic lower bumper strip around the left and right baseplate Mounts. The rear bolt for the cross tube will probably be behind the strip when the strip is installed.
11. Attach the baseplate to the left and proper Mounts, utilizing the 1/2-13 hardware provided. The plastic strip will likely be compressed barely within the middle by the cross tube. Do Not Fully Tighten Yet.
12. Tighten the 4 (2/aspect) engine cross beam bolts first. Tighten completely.
13. Tighten all different hardware.
14. Fit and notch the belly pan utilizing a utility knife, and re-set up on the car. Notice that solely two small squares need be removed on the front around both facet of the engine cross beam.
15. Included within the guide bundle is a touch decal in your automotive to remind you the right way to arrange the transmission to tow. Place the decal on the dash of your Honda or on the tow bar or wherever it is going to remind you to make sure your transmission will likely be properly shifted before you tow. Detailed baseplate instructions appear later in this baseplate instruction sheet.
16. Install the tow bar and security cables in response to the directions included of their packages.
17. Do not substitute different baseplate devices if the pin and clip are lost.

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What are the calculations:

The safe dimensions are as follows:

42inches ht x 60inches long x 48inches depth,

Weight 6,213lbs on 4 legs.

Ok so it’s been a long time since I went through my stack of decks and I got reminded of one deck. It’s a blueprint, and the baseplate of the trucks are still on the board because one of the bolts won’t come out ROFL. No matter how much I loosen it, it stays there, doesn’t even seem to be getting loosened. It’s not as tight as it was before I tried taking it out but it’s not out either. Any tips? Kinda desperate.

Sector 9 “Look Out” Bamboo Series Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip – “Punta Lobos” Graphic – 2011
181mm Bear Grizzly Longboard Skateboard Truck – 52° Baseplate (aka “852s”) – Black
75mm Orangatang In Heat Longboard Wheels – Orange (80a)
Bones Reds Bearings
0.06″ Loaded Drop Through Strips – Shock Absorbing Risers

In terms of longboarding:
I hear brands like core have a good baseplate on their trucks, but what really makes a good baseplate and why is it important? Does a good baseplate include a good pivot cup or is that separate?

hey so i got my gopro, and planning on buying the surf expansion pack. will the baseplate mount hold up in 5-8ft waves? and the plug mount, is it hard to install? my moms boyfriend works in construction so you think hed be able to install? thanks

I have phantom kingpins and baseplates but they wont go in without my hammering at it… is this normal?

I’m thinking about getting these bindings
I’m wondering if the baseplate will fit on my salomon snowboard. In my current bindings, there are four screws connecting the bindings to the board. (Sorry i don’t know the correct terms for any of this stuff.)

just wondering because i’ve currently got some Johnson’s thunder lights and some problems happened, but the skateshop doesn’t sell those trucks anymore, so would i be able to buy some different thunder lows (my current are lows btw) could i take the baseplate off those new thunders and put my current hanger on it (i only need to replace one truck). so would that be possible without the problems of it not fitting?

I wanna get legos for Christmas and I wanna know if background scenery is even real, I wanna get one with the lego set and I need to know first if they make those for lego sets. In the commercial, they say “Baseplates and background scenery not included” They should include those with the lego sets. I don’t need any baseplates, just the wallpaper.

The fill plug taked a 10mm hex head allen wrench. The plug is flush with the transfer case housing. I don’t have a welder. With these things in mind, does anyone have any ideas to try. I’ve been spraying it with PB blaster for several days to help loosen it but haven’t found any way to get a grip on the stripped allen bolt. Thanks for any suggestions.

I know it sounds stupid, but I heard from an industry insider that Independent moved the production of their baseplates to China…

I have bear grizzly 852′s and I need to take the Main bolt (I think its called a kingpin) off of the baseplate. I tried Hammering it through, but it wont come out. How do I remove it?

I want to get a new Burton Custom X this year, but it has the Channel system. I was just wondering where can i buy new baseplates so my bindings will fit my board. By the way, i have the 2007 Missions.


The bolt I need to replace holds the gear change pedal on and fastens from the inside of the bike towards the outside/street. The head appears to be a tamper proof allen/hex. I’ve tried searching all over the internet for parts lists and parts diagrams and haven’t had any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ok i have venture tops and core baseplates is this good

I have a sector 9, 41in lookout
Randall 150mm base plate with gullwing alpine hangar(gullwing alpine baseplate was blocked with screws)
Switched trucks because my randal 150mm’s were causing some wheel bite
I bomb hills,carve,and cruise
I am using goddess of speed 76mm 78a wheels

I have an old Voigtlander Vitessa I camera and the gears aren’t turning in the film compartment. Does anyone know how to fix this?

My setup is an earthwing belly racer with gullwing chargers, stock bushings and bones reds bearings and fireball incendo wheels. My problem is when i ride on any cement that isnt really smooth, this rattling sound comes from the back end of my board, and the baseplates are tight to the boar, my wheels arent loose, and its not the truck specifically, so im assuming its coming from the pivot cups, so if its not what is it and how do i make this noise stop because its extremely annoying.

Like the kingpin was broken in the middle, so like one part is in the base plate and the other part is out. I have a new kingpin but i don’t know how to take out the broken part. Its broken, like the kingpin is broke and i can’t get the broken piece out.

Or should not be hanging over at all?

After lots of skating the axles on my back trucks have become damaged. My front axles are fine and the nuts come right off but with the back nuts they seem to be stuck quite tight. One of them appears such that some of the metal may be interlocking between the nut and the axel.
The other does seem to have any visible reason why it shouldn’t just unscrew.


I have a raised Lego baseplate that is 27″ by 15″ and was wondering if I can get somewhere a 30″ X 30″ baseplate or one similar to that scale. I can only find 15″ X 15″ and that is tiny :( .

Thanks for the help.

What size if the baseplate that comes with the lego police headquarters set ?#

Do you know the height of it when built ?

Is the baseplate 32 studs, 48 studs, or two smaller ones etc ?

What would be the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to cut a 1 inch thick piece of wood into a perfect circle with a 20 inch diameter?

I took my trucks apart to put on new bushings, but now, i can’t get the kingpin to grab hold of the baseplate. Any ideas on how to get this working? The new bushings are a little bit bigger than the old ones, but i can’t even get the old ones back on!

I read somewhere that if you live in an area where the climate varies dramatically, you have to build “floating walls.” I do live in an area like this, and would like to finish my basement. How important are floating walls? How much more difficult are they to build?

I just love fullpu.be women because they dare to be evil in their twartarian zone. I love a beautiful black bush pushing up from a pubal baseplate. But best of all I love it when I am riding to feel my balsak skimming on and over an oily beaver. Is anything better than that?

My boyfriend and I are moving from California to Illinois, and are debating whether to drive a moving truck and car separately, or to tow the car behind the truck. Does anyone have experience with this? I’m concerned the driving will be very cumbersome and possibly scary with the car towing behind. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks.

I want to know how to build a school on roblox. I’m not really a good builder, so any tips?

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